Seeking Advice on a Bassinet

Updated on January 12, 2009
P.Q. asks from Stamford, CT
5 answers

I'm seeking advice on a bassinet for my newborn. I have been looking into arm's reach bassinets.

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answers from New York on

The one I used is called "Nature's Purest Bassinet - Hug Me" by Summer Infant. You can find it at Babies R Us.
It was organic, soft and sturdy, and it rocked sideways, the height was perfect for me and it as a little music box that we now have in a crib and the baby still loves it. It's really nice.



answers from New York on

I used a Pack-n-Play by Graco I think and loved it. Not only was it great to use at home, very easy to clean and move, I was able to take it with us whenever we went out for the day. On holidays, I would set it up in one of the bedrooms and was able to keep the baby's schedule during our outing. Another thing is if you are let's say downstairs doing laundry, etc, you can bring it down there and put it in the family room so that the baby isn't too far from you.




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Congratulations on your newborn. I used the Arms Reach bassinette for about 5 months. I didn't attach it to my bed, but it was right up against my side of the bed. My bed is very tall, and this worked out perfectly. It was small enough to fit into my teeny tiny bedroom, but still big enough for my son to be comfortable in there for all those months.

Good Luck



answers from New York on

I used the arms reach mini for about 5 months. I loved it. She did start to grow out of it by then so you may want to get the regular sized one if you want them in your room longer. I too pulled it up to the bed without attaching. It was a dream to have my DD right next to me. Good luck.



answers from Rochester on

Hi P.,

I love my Arm's Reach co-sleeper. I have used it for both of my children & it has held up very well. I love having the little ones close by. I attached mine to a king size bed & then it is against a wall on the other side. We have had it up for 6 years with no problems. My daughter would use it to store stuffed animals & my 2 yr old son likes to bounce in it at times. I nurse & co-sleep so I like having that extra space added to the bed in case someone rolled over. Godd luck!

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