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Updated on August 20, 2007
J.P. asks from Dallas, TX
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Hi moms,

I am in transition of starting a new career, I am going from being in the Medical Field to becoming a teacher. I have completed all of my coursework and certification exams and am looking for a teaching position. I am eligible to teach all grades in Special Education and General Education Early Childhood through 4th grade. I have applied to a ton of school districts and am just not familiar in this field how to find a job. I would appreciate any advice or hints as to where there might be available positions or how to find them. Thanks in advance mommas!


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I did the same as you, in that I switched from the corporate world to teaching. I too have my EC-4 certification now. I'm a SAHM now, but I taught in Terrell ISD. They are really open to hiring people from Alternative Certification (I'm assuming that's what you did). Many school districts aren't. The more desirable districts won't hardly look at you without a few years experience. You kinda have to get in there, get your feet wet, and then move on to a better district if you want to later. I student-taught for one semester and I think that gave me a much more realistic picture of what the teaching career is like vs. what you study in the classroom. It's definitely the most challenging job I've ever had. Best of luck!



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One thing you could do is go through Region

Not sure if you went to school near by, but you could teach for your old school district. Thats what I did! They love it when their alumni teaches!


A. :)



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I agree with the lady who said to sub first. Especially if you did not get to student teach much or at all with your alternative certification. It will be good practice for you without having all of the extra responsibilities that a full-time teacher has. If you find a few schools you like, then you could try to get a long-term position at one. (Maybe someone is on maternity leave, etc) Then, the school will know you well, see that you are a good fit with the faculty and students, and you will have no problem getting an open spot there next year...or next semester if someone leaves halfway through the year.
Best wishes as you begin your new career. It's tough but is also very fulfilling at the end of the day.



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The best way to get into teaching is to sub for a while. Then the schools will get to know you and you will have a good idea as to which schools fit your personality. Good luck!

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