Seeking Advice from Moms Who Is Not or Did Not Give Kids Vaccination

Updated on March 23, 2008
S.J. asks from Sherman Oaks, CA
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there is so much talk going on about vaccins i am just confused and do not know what to do. My son is 10months and so far i have given him all the vaccins but..... i am wondering wether i am doing the right thing!!!! I know that there are moms out there that do not belive in it and i do hope you are a part of mamsource and respond to my mail. What do i do??!!! If i stop giving the shots will the schools ascept my son?!

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So What Happened?

Thank you guys soooooo much!!!!! all this information was great!!! I know exactly what to do now. My husband and i minds are at peace for the first time with the vaccination issue!!! i feel like i want to cry right now. THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Don't do the shots anymore!

I have five kids from 10 mo to 15 years..none of them have any shots except tettanus. the public schools in calofornia know how to handle this, they wont even frown at you :) In New York it took some more persuation.

It was my gut feeling that kept me from doing it to them, and boy am I glad!

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answers from Los Angeles on

The state of CA allows exception for medical, religious or Philosophical reasons. Don't get bullied into vaccinating just because the schools say you have to. Know your rights.

Shots do not = Good. The risk for diseases out there is very low, plus you've already vaccinated your child for some of the diseases already. Many of the children that catch the diseases have been vaccinated. The side effects that occur with vaccinations can be very severe. Seizures, high fevers, autism, ADHD, etc.

You really have to look at your lifestyle and weigh the risks. If your child is in daycare, you travel a lot to different countries or you don't breastfeed then then it may make more sense to think about vaccination. But if your breastfeeding and your child is not in daycare and your not traveling a ton the chances of your child catching something is slim to none with many of the diseases.

Some of the vaccinations that are for chicken pox and rotavirus typically are not serious diseases. Most of us survived the chickpox just fine and the rotavirus is a stomach bug. The main concern for that is dehydration. It's also a live virus so many babies actually catch the disease from the vaccination.

Google Mary Tocco. She has done extensive research on vaccinations and has a video out talking about the dangers of them.

Bottom line, do a lot of research and decide what's best for your family but don't just go along because someone told you it's the best thing to do. You know your child best.

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answers from San Diego on

Hi S.!!!

I'm so glad that you're questioning this. I do not support vaccination as it does NOT equal Immunization. A child is not immune to an illness unless they have it or the NATURAL immunity is passed on during pregnancy. You're right, there is a great deal of controversy out there about these vaccines. The truth comes down to sheep mentality. The school will tell you that you have to vaccinate your child.. why?? BECAUSE THEY RECEIVE ADDITIONAL FUNDING FOR EACH VACCINATED CHILD! Oh ... and so does your doctor! Now does it make sense why they pressure people? Money! Billions of dollars are made off these vaccines.
Also, NONE of them have ever had a longitudinal study done on them. The longest test was 25 DAYS! No test has ever been done on those that are given in a combo shot such as the MMR or the DPT.
Vaccines were all created when the illnesses were on their way out. And most are for illnesses we don't have in our country, not because we are vaccinating, but because we lack the right environment for breeding. Third world countries do, however, contain the right environment for the dieases to flourish. ASK your doctor when the last case of polio that he treated was. Or what about the last case of Hepatitis B in a newborn.
So much of vaccines is illogical. Back to the Hep B vaccine... have you ever wondered WHY they give this at birth when the people who get it are illegal drug users and those with multiple sexual partners? I know for certain my baby was having multiple partners when I wasn't lookin... and he certainly didn't do drugs. And since when did Chicken Pox become Taboo.. I just turned 30 today and when I was a child we threw chicken pox parties so we would all catch it and then become naturally immune! Measles, mumps and Pertussis can all be treated with antibiotics and once the child is over it he/she will never get it again! How beautiful is that? How simple?
Small pox is actually given as the COW Pox virus... they are NOTHING alike! So unless you are raising a little cow... don't bother.
HIV/AIDS was created through the mishandling of one of our vaccines. And now they want to create and HIV vaccine and put it on the mandated list for all 12 year olds. What that means is that we will have an overwhelming population of children infected with HIV. Sound good? I didn't think so.
Vaccines are wrapped in Mercury at a level 30x that which an adult should consume in a month.. all in one shot! And they also are wrapped in formaldehyde, which is a KNOWN cancer causing substance. Ever wonder why we have an increased number of children developing cancer/leukemia?
Although you have a son, take a listen to the gardisil commercial the next time it's on. Listen closely to the wording at the end... it can't protect you from all strains... it MAY not provide protection at all. WHY WOULD WE DO THIS THEN??? Why risk it going awry in our children's bodies for no reason?
Here in San Diego there was a small outbreak of measles. Yes, it started by 3 children who were not vaccinated. They were treated with antibiotics and they are fine now. But WHY did between 12-15 children who came in contact with these 3 develop the measles if they were vaccinated and supposedly immune?
Why was the FLU vaccine said to be completely ineffective? The manufacturers admitted that they made it for the wrong strain.
As a couple of other women stated, you do NOT have to vaccinate to enroll your child. You can fill out the exemption form. There is a HUGE difference between MANDATING a list of vaccines and making something mandatory. The vaccines are only mandated.
Vaccines increase your child's susceptibility to ear infections, asthma, autism, apsperger's, allergies and other maladies.
I have a great book for you as well... The Sanctity of Human Blood: Vaccination is Not Immunization by Tim O'Shea. He also sites his sources so feel free to look them up. I did and I was completely dumbfounded as to how accurate he was.

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answers from Los Angeles on

The previous responder is incorrect your CAN ANY school without vaccinations. My daughter just started pre-k and we had no problem with the exemption forms. I would recommend you stop vax'ing until you do more research. The MMR vax is the scariest of all the vax and the chicken pox vax is the most useless. I have two beautiful, HEALTHY unvaxed kids. They have never had a serious illness nor the flu. I will never inject them with the garbage in vax. I would recommend Dr. Feder's book ( She is a western dr. that takes a holistic approach in her practice. She presents both sides of the vax'ing issues.

Here is some info for you. The last one has the exemption forms for school.

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answers from Honolulu on

i didn't vaccinate any of my children. to me the risks were too great and God created immune systems in our boy so i think we should use them =) it is a hard decision though - the mainstream thought is that you do it and it is safe, but i have read too much opposing info - an article in REDBOOK magazine about 8 years ago. they are attributing vaccines to autism, SIDS, ADD, ect. your child will be accepted in school you just have to sign the religious exemption form. the best thing to do is read info against vaccines to learn about what is in them and what can happen if you use them and make an educated decision. whatever path you feel CONFIDANT in is the right one because peace of mind is going to make you a good mom =)

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answers from Sioux City on

I originally looked at your request because my children haven't had their shots for 20 months and are way behind. I was starting to feel like I was a bad mother until I read your request and the responses. I guess I never really thought to ask about vaccines so thank you for asking as I feel better too. I didn't know that they couldn't deny your child for not having vaccines. Thank you to you and everyone that responded because this helped me too!!!:)

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answers from Los Angeles on

there was a similar thread to this - so i just copied and pasted my response. sorry it is not an 'original' but time is short!! :-)

this is a really personal decision as so many other moms have said. i just believe everyone should make an educated decision. anyone who tells you there are NO risks either way you decide - is wrong!! there are always risks!! i am posting my list of resources below - feel free to ask me any questions or add to my 'collection'!!! as for us - we have chosen to wait. it's a daily consideration - and one we have been happy with so far. my 3 1/2 year old has never had antibiotics, tylenol, tradtional medicines. most kids i know who are not vaxed - are very healthy but they also have parents who make sure they are eating healthy which definitely makes a difference to one's immune system. we treat all of our illnesses with homeopathic remedies, traditional osteopathy, accupuncture and chinese herbs and supplements. we are not anti western med at all - see a time and place for it - but view medicine as preventitive rather than reactive. if you do decide to vaccinate - just make sure your child is not sick and hasn't been for a few days before. if you can - make sure they are as calm as can be for the actual shot. and if you notice any reaction - report it and keep note of it for future reference.
hope this helps!
ps - no school can refuse you!!! in california you can claim medical, religious or philosophical exemption! see here for more info -

Vaccination Information

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's Vaccinations By Stephanie Cave, M.D., F.A.A.F.P. (pro vaccine)

Vaccines: Are They Really Safe And Effective? By Neil Miller.
The Vaccine Guide By Randall Neustaedter (non vaxer).

The Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears

Natural Family Living By Peggy O'Mara, the publisher of Mothering Magazine.

I village has some great message boards – for vax debate, non-vax support and many other boards (breastfeeding, etc)

Deadly Immunity by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. – EXCELLENT article!!! I have a copy I can email to you.

Dr. Jay Gordon’s seminar at the Skirball Cultural Center – the first event in the “Well Loved Baby” series called “Vaccinations?” -

Websites: - state exemption laws or search NHS

http;// (where also is found an online, searchable version of the VAERS database. Just have a look at what that thing is saying about the Hepatitis B vaccine! )

And, the following article on the Hep B vaccine is excellent:
"The EPA limit is 0.1 micrograms of mercury per kilogram body weight per day. It doesn't take a genius to do the calculations when on their day of birth children are given the hepatitis B vaccine, which is 12.5 micrograms of mercury. The average newborn weighs between 6 and 7 pounds, so they would be allowed 0.3 micrograms of mercury - but in this one shot they are getting 12.5 micrograms. That's 39 times more than allowed by law. And it gets worse when you consider that children are getting multiple vaccinations at 2 months. And this limit is for *oral ingestion* and not injection, which is much worse." (the vaccines shaded in grey are no longer produced)

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answers from Las Vegas on

Bottom line, it’s your choice. I personally feel that vaccinations are important. Yes, some of them have some nasty side effects but it all depends on the child. There are too many people sneaking into this country from all over that are caring god know what with them. I'm not taking any chances. As one mother pointed out medicine has come a long way. And even I was a bit gun shy about the chicken pox one because I to remember when I was a kid you were suppose to get the chicken pox. I did get it, 3 times to be exact. I'm a rare case on that one though. I know in Las Vegas you can get fined for amount per day if you send you kid to school without the proper vaccinations. As it was when I moved out here my son had to get a Hep A shot even though he was covered for B and C but had to get another shot because of illegal’s spreading it out here. Creepy. Getting the shots helps prevent an outbreak to occur, it doesn't cure the chance away. However I would rather allow my child to get the shots rather then put him though the miseries of something horrible like polio. I remember watching an episode of ER, (one of the older ones) where a mother brought her two kids in because they were sick, they ended up having either small pox or measles I don't remember which. But they had to shut down the hospital and keep people in there, have the CCD contain the place and no one was allowed to leave. The schools the kids went to had to be notified and so did the EMTs who brought them in while taking other people in their ambulance with the air born disease in the ambulance affecting other people. In the end, one child dies and a whole mess of people who came in just or a simple broken arm or burn was seriously inconvienced over one mom who was afraid they would get sick from the vaccine. Just something to think about, I'm not trying to scare the life out of you or anything. But like I said, it’s your choice. I would not think any less of you if you decided not to continue to vaccinate your child.

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answers from San Diego on

S., this is a subject that i am very passionate about! I am a Mom of 2 girls ( 3 & 11 mnths ) I choose not to vacinate my kids after doing a ton of reasearch!!!! They are the healthiest children ever because I have not compromised thier immune system, and let there bodies fight off things the way God designed them to. I got alot of info from my Chiropractor, also a good website is 909shot, and a good objective book is " What your Dr may not tell you about vaccines", I encoutage you to do your research!! It is my opinion that vaccines are not all bad, however It is unfair that parents are not always told that we have a choice in what shots to give to our children!
In CA, a school cannot deny you entrance, you just ask for a waiver to sign that you choose to not vaccinate do to religious, personal, or medical reasons.
Good luck on your search!! Spread the word that as parents we have a choice, and this " one size fits all" mentality of shooting our kids up with lots of meds at one time, is not the best thing for our children!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I know that he will not be able to attend public school without the proper vaccinations. I don't know what the guidelines are for private schools though. Why would you not vaccinate your son? Medicine has come along way and disease control has, if anything, improved. I know you hear about an occasional mishap of which I truly hope never ever happens to any of our children, but the facts and statistics speak for themselves, and that overall, vaccinations protect our children. You can get all the information you need on each required vaccination just by reviewing nformation available online......If you would like a more thorough insight, let me know and I'll gladly check on it for you.....



answers from San Diego on


Think about it... the chances are so slim that the Vax could make your child sick and IF it does happen, it won't be so bad, and the pain of the shot itself is so temporary. On the other hand, if you don't Vax, your child can get a very serious disease--some are life threatening!

I've read that the effectiveness of vaccines also rely on whole participation of the general population, so it bothers me that people who opt out are putting my and my family's health more at risk.

Some of the vaccines have been so effective over the years, that we don't even realize that diseases like Polio even exist anymore. Keep up the immunization schedule...please.



answers from San Diego on

I know that you've already come to a decision, but I wanted to comment. I saw a lot of people writing GOD gave us immune systems. I totally and completely believe in God, but we are imperfect. We have always had immune systems, but that didn't stop the small pox, or the black plague, or polio, or the measles outbreak that occured right here in san diego just a couple months ago. Interestingly enough it only really spread to children who didn't have their vaccines. And I know of one child that died, however that child was too young to receive the vaccine. My point is, these diseases are not around anymore BECAUSE of these vaccines. If this trend continues and these people stop vaccinating their children, these diseases will become widespread once again. But you know what? MY children will be safe. Will yours be?

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