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Updated on May 31, 2011
T.O. asks from San Leandro, CA
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My 5 month son has been sick for over 3 months already, he was diagnosed with rsv,pneumonia,bronchiolitis, hes been in the ER 3 times already he was treated for all but he still has very bad cough and gets really congested i have suction him like crazy i feel terrific seen my baby like this i dont know what else to do has anybody experience this too

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answers from Seattle on

When you're going to the ER are you going to a normal ER or a Children's Hospital ER?

It can make a HUGE difference in treatment of an infant/child where you're seen. I would take her in to her pediatrician tomorrow and ask to go to the local children's hospital.

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answers from Seattle on

I'd take my kids to the chiropractor. I do anyway but even more if they were having these symptoms.

As a longtime member of this site, you'll probably get more people to take the time to open your questions and post advice if your subject line is more specific ie "rsv/bronchiolitis in 5 month old". If all questions said "seeking advice" we would have to open every single one in order to know offhand whether or not we could help! :)

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answers from Los Angeles on

My baby had it at 5 months too. Shevis now 9 months old. Do you have a nebulizer for breathing treatments? It helped her a lot. Once the bronchiolitis and pneumonia cleared, she was fine. They did warn me that she might sound the same whenever she gets sick and might need more breathing treatments. He should not still have these problems unless he is picking up colds since the RSV. I would be at the pediatrician non-stop till he gets better. The one thing that helped a lot was keeping a cool mist humidifier next to her all the time. It was by the side of her crib at night and next to her exersaucer during the day. The hospital told me to keep it next to her at all times and clean it every 2 days. I feel for you and your little guy. I hope he is better soon.

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answers from Boston on

Has he been tested for lyme disease?

My son had pneumonia three times in one year...always sick. His test came back "negative" but was positive in lyme specific bands. Since western medicine wouldn't help, I took him to a naturopath. Since going, he hasn't been to the doc or emergency room in twelve months, except for his yearly check-up. A very different year from his last.

And yes, chiropractic helps!

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answers from New York on

Poor baby, poor mommy! I feel for you. I had a house full of babies with whooping cough. Similar symptoms. Did they chech him for that? They can check with a blood test now. The only thing that helped the kids was me remaining calm when they were having an "attack". The only way I could remain calm was to hold them and pray for them or hum soft songs for them. After a while they would say pray for me mommy I like when you do that. I hope this helps you but in the meantime I will pray for you. God bless, S.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Are you working with a pediatric pulmonologist? If not, you should see one. Also - have he been to the ER of your children's hospital or just your local adult one? It can make a huge difference in how problems are addressed.

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answers from Washington DC on


Congratulations on your baby boy!!!! I'm sorry that he's been sick so much.

My 2nd son was born with pneumonia (his first APGAR score was a 2) so I know your pain.

Have your home tested for mold. You could have mold in your walls that is making your son sick....

Have him tested for allergies. i know he's VERY little but his little immune system is struggling to survive and he may be bombarded with a lot in this big world!!

Make sure his crib is clean - the sheets are washed in hot water and dried in high heat - molds and pollen have a hard time clinging in heat....make sure the mattress has been wiped down with a clorox stuffed animals in his bed. if he has to have ONE - make sure it's clean - my son HAD to HAVE his Ty Beanie that my parents bought him....wash it once a week in a bra bag....

Another thing we did was take him to a chiropractor for a while - it really did help!!


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answers from Salinas on

You've gotten a lot of good advice so far. Great sight! Another thing to consider is reflux. A lot of babies will reflux and aspirate into their lungs causing horrible coughs and leading to infection. Talk to your pediatrician about options. Also, RSV damages the lungs and can make your son more prone to other infection. I would suggest following with a Pediatric Pulmonologist at LPCH or Oakland Childrens. Ask your pediatrician for a referral.

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answers from Honolulu on

Has he been checked for tuberculosis? It isn't being written about as much anymore but studies suggest that 1 in 100 to 1 in 50 illegal aliens have TB and if you are in are in an area with a high number of them, well, it can't be helped. I don't suggest you google this too hard. Some of the storied you will read are heartbreaking and they will only cause you to worry.

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answers from San Francisco on

Sorry your little guy is having a rough time. I will second the advice about seeing a pediatric pulmonologist, if you aren't already. Since he has these ongoing symptoms after being treated, I think you want to really get to the bottom of what is going on. Not only will that help your little guy, it will take a huge amount of stress off you. In the meantime, cool mist humidifiers do help. Also, you might also try sitting with him in a steamy bathroom (steam up the bathroom first by running the shower hot for a few minutes) in the evening if he gets worse at night -- this always helps my son when he gets a cold. One thing to find out from the doctor -- is he just coughing, or is he wheezing? Wheezing is when the airways get inflamed. He's probably just coughing, but if he is wheezing, you want to know -- as Mommy F said, you can get a nebulizer and do breathing treatments which can really, really help. I feel for you guys -- this stuff can be scary, especially when they are so little. Hang in there!



answers from Redding on

Probably not a high possibility but have you thought of cystic fibrosis. Symptoms are similar and the test is fairly easy.

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