Seeking Advice from Mom's Who Have Sent Kids to Montessori Schools

Updated on March 04, 2009
B.A. asks from Orlando, FL
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I am considering enrolling my daughter in a Montessori Preschool next year. I love the school and so does my daughter. But I am worried that once it is time for her to go to a "mainstream" school in Kindergarten or first grade that she will have trouble adjusting. Have any of you moms that have sent your kids to Montessori preschools had problems with the transition to a traditional school setting?

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How sad that we have even have to worry about transitioning to a traditional school - "traditional" meaning there is potentially no self-directed learning, no conceptual coaching, no individualized achievement and no respect for the child.

Montessori is absolutely the way to go. Even if your daughter has to "dumb it down" to survive in traditional school, she won't be any worse for having a Montessori background, and no doubt she will be better for it. The biggest problem she may encounter is having tasted the relative joy of self-directed learning, she won't like the taste of traditional (teacher directed) school.

P.S. If you can keep her in Montessori longer, do it! Both my boys have been in a Montessori school since pre-school, and I could never send them to a traditional school. It is amazing what they know (and they don't even know they know it).

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Hello B., I am also considering Montessori. Next Wednesday, Henley Road is hosting "Open House" at 7pm. You should go, hopefully I'll see you there. B.. PS. Montessori is the best school.



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My daughter went to a Montessori school in the Boston area from the age of 3 months to about 5 years old. She then transitioned to a "mainstream" school without any problems at all (even though this particular Montessori school went to the 12th grade). Our public school system was an excellent one, though, and my only concern for your daughter would be if the public school she transitioned to didn't have a robust curriculum to continue to challenge her. In a Montessori school, the kids learn to "love to learn" and if she becomes bored in a public school due to lack of challenges then you might see some problems crop up.

Now, my daughter is 27 years old and is still continuing her education (now in an MBA program) and says she could easily be a student forever!

I have absolutely no regrets sending her to Montessori in her early years.



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Hi B.!
Check out Llamas For Learning on Boyette in Riverview....they are almost to Bell Shoals....i JUST LOVE THEM!!
J. D



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Hello. My daughter had been in a regular day care since she was a baby. Last November we changed her schools to Llamas and Learning which is a Montessori school in Riverview. SHE LOVES IT. She starts the VPK program there in Aug. I dont have any experience as far as how transitioning to kindergarden will be since she is not even in VPK yet, but I have to say I am so glad that we moved her to the Montessori school. The teachers there are great and she is doing so well. Even though she is not eligible for VPK until Aug. they put her in the class with the VPK kids so she is learning so much! Everything is so nice and relaxed there...not a bunch of screaming kids running around like at your typical day cares and all of the teachers are awesome. Since going to the new school we noticed a huge change for the better in her attitude and her manners. She just seems to be a more happy kid! My daughter use to give us a hard time about going to school in the morning and now we dont have any issues since going to the Montessori school. Good luck in your decision!



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My kids have not gone to a Montessori school, but I taught kindergarten/first grade in a public school and had several students who had come from Montessori schools. None had trouble adjusting, and for the most part, those students were better adjusted socially and farther ahead academically than other students.



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I sent my youngest to a Montessori School for VPK. I think that it was AWESOME! It is amazing what they teach the kids these days. I don't think you will have any type of problem with the transition. This is just a class to prepare you child for school. She will thrive in Kindergarten in "mainstream" school if she goes to Montessori.

Hope this helps.
K. J.

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