Seeking Advice for Potty Training!

Updated on September 23, 2006
C.O. asks from Charlotte, NC
9 answers

Looking for advice on potty training issues.

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answers from Iowa City on

If you can find out what motivates her then give her a reward for going on the potty. With my son it was as simple as getting a piggy bank and he got quarters for going potty, dollars for BM. He liked to carry it around and it really motivated him to go. He did have a few set backs, but it worked out. The not wearing underwear wasn't really successful, but if she likes a certain character you can buy special underwear. We always told him that if he pees on Thomas, or Scooby that they would be very upset. Hope some of this may help you.

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answers from Spartanburg on

go to and look up PODs, they worked wonders with my daughter and I would swear by them for most children. It may be the thing that will finally push her to use the potty all the time. Good luck.

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answers from Richmond on

My son was 3 when he finally was potty trained. After many failed attempts before that, I just let it go. I let him decide when he wanted to start and when he was ready he just told me "Mommy, I don't want to wear a diaper anymore."

After that we only had one slip up and that was because he was playing and didn't want to come in the house to go to the bathroom.


answers from Lexington on

Potty training for my step daughter was pretty easy. The first thing we did was go to Wal-mart and buy a toddler potty. We just sat it in the bathroom, and didn't really mention it. It didn't take long for her to ask about it. She wanted to know why the potty was so small. We explained to her that it was her potty, and it was there for her when she decided she wanted to be a big girl and start using the potty. The very same day she started using it. The would only pee pee in the potty at first, so we had to use the reward method to get her to do #2. She LOVES skittles, so everytime she would go to the potty for #2 she would get 4 skittles. Oh, that worked like a charm. The skittles were her trophy's and she was very proud of them. She would sometimes carry them around with her for a while before eating them.

We encouraged her big time, and let her know how proud of her we are, and that she is now a big girl. She smiled all over herself! It was actually fun to potty train her!

I hope this helps! Good luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

I bought a DVD titled "Potty Power" that got my daughter really excited about using the "Potty". There are actual children in the DVD so she could relate, (it doesn't show them going to the bathroom or anything like that). It has clever songs and talks about the difference between "a baby and a big kid".

I also would put underwear on my daughter the moment she woke up; if she would start to go potty she would feel it right away and run to the bathroom. Make sure your daughter wears pants so it won't get on the floor:)

The combination of the two worked really fast for me (a couple of weeks and she had it down).

My sister used a unique method. She planned a "potty party" for her daughter and told her about it a week in advance, (the party was just for her daughter - not an actual party). My sister decorated the house in a fun theme, and that morning her daughter was to potty train her doll; in the afternoon it was going to be her daughter's turn to use the potty. About an hour into the party, my niece wanted to use the potty too and has been potty trained ever since!

Your daughter sounds like she's real close to being trained herself; my daughter and niece had setbacks too, (every child does) - don't worry!

Good Luck!



answers from Lexington on

My son was almost 3 years old when he really took on potty training. He would on occasion use the "big potty" as he calls it. What worked for him is he started going to a babysitter who also kept a little boy just older than my son who was potty trained. Every time the other child came out of the bathroom my son suddenly had to go too. This hardly took any time before he had it down good. From this point on he only wet the bed once. If you have a friend with a little one that is potty trained and spend the day together maybe she'll realize the way my son did that using the potty is what big kids do! Good luck!!!



answers from Davenport on

My daughter is currently having a similar problem. First and foremost, if you haven't done so already, make sure she doesn't have a urinary tract infection. If she doesn't, she may have the same problem as my daughter. My daughter seems to "forget" to go because she is so involved in her play. A bowel movement is a little harder to ignore than urinating. We recently discussed this with our pediatrician who told us to have her sit on the potty hourly. Sometimes they need to be prompted. Good Luck! C.



answers from Charlotte on

I don't know if this will help but for my son who will be three yrs old in October son, we bribed. Cookies are one of his favorite things. So I did it where he couldn't have cookies unless he used the potty once peeing down good we only gave cookies only gave cookies for BM. Took a little less than a month and now he has been completely potty trained for about 6 mths. So far no nighttime accidents or anything, knock on wood. Hope this will help. And you don't have to use cookies anything that is given as snack that they love is great.



answers from Des Moines on

My daughter is 26 months, and we've been working on the potty trainig for about 5 or 6 months now. I started with just putting the potty in the bathroom, and use was spotty, then I was talking to another mom and she mentioned the running bottomless trick, so I started doing that, and it worked pretty well for a while, then she just started peeing on the floor like your little girl. It really wasn't a big deal to me because we don't have any carpet in the house that can't fit into the washing machine, so I would just get a towel and wipe it up, but then I read a bit of advice about how to handle accidents that helped her get past the peeing on the floor problems. When she has an accident, have her help clean it up, and make sure she knows that your not angry, and that these things happen once in a while. That made a huge difference with Makaya.

Then she got into the Little Mermaid, and wanted a mermaid tail. I told her that if she wanted a tail, she had to go in the potty every time, and she couldn't go in her pants any more. She has had even fewer accidents since I've told her that.

Another thing that really helped was I stocked up on panties. I got several patterns, and a few different characters, so she hads a lot to choose from. This makes her feel more in control because she chooses her panties every day (I keep them in a drawer that she can reach, and she opens it up and picks the ones she wants to wear), and because there are so many pairs, I don't have to do a ton of laundry if she has a bad day and has a few accidents. I would only put her in a diaper(We use pampers pull up pants so she can get them on and off herself) at night, or if we were going on a long car trip, so she wouldn't get confused. Also, I would tell her when she was getting dressed that since she was wearing big girl panties, she had to tell Mama when she needed to go potty so I could help her because her pants wouldn't hold her pee, and she would be very wet if she didn't.

The only down side to this is that she often times goes into the bathroom to go potty and then doesn't want to put any pants back on at all. But she has always liked to run naked instead of being dressed. It's just a little harder to keep clothes on her now that she knows how to get naked on her own.

Hope this can help some. :)

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