Seeking Advice for Going from Professional Career to Staying at Home.

Updated on August 24, 2007
R.T. asks from Minneapolis, MN
8 answers

Looking for advice on transitioning from the executive world to staying at home. All responses appreciated.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Here is what was important for my sanity when I made the shift:

1) Find a play group/moms group and get involved both for the kids and for Mom Nights Out.
2) Consider getting involved in ECFE classes or activities in your area.
3) Decide on at least one activity or interest you have outside of your children (volunteer work, sport, or hobby) and then schedule a time that is for you to do this each week without your children.
4) Remember to have fun!



answers from Minneapolis on

Congrats on your decision! For me it was a really hard decision. But they are only little for a short time.

Honestly, it took me about a year to get used to being a SAHM. I was working in the corporate world before. Being home and "managing" small kids was difficult for me to get used to...but it is such a blessing. I really enjoy it now....most days! :) Get plugged in with some other moms. MOPS, moms groups, ECFE, Parents Day Out are all great programs. It helped me to be on a schedule and kind of follow a weekly routine.

Good luck! The time you are going to spend with them is invaluable.



answers from Minneapolis on

Congratulations on your decision and courage!

I stayed home with mine (now ages 4 & 6) for about a year or so and nearly went crazy. A friend of mine said she's a better mom when she works, and I agree with her! LOL

That said, SAHM isn't for me (or her) but it is for many and a great and challenging job in its own right.

I belong to a group called AskLizRyan in Yahoo Groups. Liz Ryan is a WAHM and used to be a corporate HR executive. She and many of the members of the list could probably give you more insight. It is a worldwide group and has local AskLiz's as well.

Check it out and Good Luck!



answers from Minneapolis on

Congrats on being able to be a SAHM. I would say that you should try to find things to do like ECFE playgroups. Your days will be pretty much like your weekends, minus the husband :o)
Just pace yourself. Don't try to be supermom because you'll get sick of it quickly. Since you'll have 2 home with you that'll help because most Mom's only have 1 when they start staying home and they get bored. You'll find that you get about 50% more housework done in a day than when you were working because your house will get messier because you are all there and the kids will be taking up a lot of your time.
One thing you will need sometimes is a break. Doing the same job 24/7 can get a little exhausting and monotonous. My hubby takes the kids downstairs to play after supper each night until bedtime at 7. This gives me time to get some things done and then I have the later evening to do whatever.
Best Wishes,
Mom to 4 great kids 5,4,3 & 1


answers from Minneapolis on

I agree that the transition will be a little difficult at first, but you need to find some 'mom friends' with kids around the age of your children. Call your local churches, community center, YMCA, etc and ask about the moms groups that may meet there. THose places usually offer thier building for no cost to moms groups, so thats a good place to start.

Where are you? If you are near the Becker/Big Lake/Monticello/etc area, I have a great MOMS group for you. :)



answers from Minneapolis on

I also suggest finding out about your local ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education) program. Every MN school district has classes available, and it's a great way to meet other parents, talk about issues, and get out of the house. Your kids will love it too, and it helps get them ready for preschool/kindergarten.

I stay home with my boys and some days I will admit that I get a little bored (gasp!) but it is worth it in the end for me and my family. Good luck to you!

J. SAHM to 2 1/2 year old Charlie and 8 month old Joey



answers from Minneapolis on

Good for you. I too had a degree in Criminal Justice where I worked in my field for 8 years. In 2004 I quit and started working in a Montessori school and brought my girls with me. I became a SAHM in December of 2005. My youngest child thrived with me staying home whereas my oldest (who had just turned 4 when I quit) missed the Montessori school. It was the best decision that I ever made.

I would definately put your children in preschool or some sort of children's groups through your local ECFE as they need to be around other children too. THere are plenty of parent groups out there as well.

Just enjoy your children now as they grow so fast. I did find that I needed an outlet so I took a part time job in Direct sales just to get out of the house a few nights a month and still make money while being out. It has been a godsend to get out and socialize with other women. I also make money at the same time and have decorated my home for almost free.

Just make sure you take time out for you. Good luck and email me if you have any questions about your new career. There isn't a harder job in the world than being a SAHM.



answers from Minneapolis on

You need to find a Mom's group in your neighborhood. It's a life saver. I'm part of Mom's Club minnetonka East and love it. The other Mom's are wonderful and it has been a real lifesaver. However, not all groups are that wonderful. So you need to find the one that fits for you and your kids.

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