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Updated on February 03, 2009
M.C. asks from Rochester, NY
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My kids are 11 and 9 - i know they need me when i get home but i work full time. I really want to work part time. i have worked for the same company for 5 years and not ever been considered for advancement. It's a small company and there is not really anywhere for me to move up to unless someone leaves. However they recently hired a girl for a similar position at another location and have given her a position one step higher than mine with a pay scale that will be eventually better. When i first started here i asked and did work part-time for a year to be home with my children - and this is why i think they have viewed me as "un-promoteable" even though i have had excellent reviews - never a blemish and never a bad thing said about me. All the people i work with and for appreciate me and tell me that they can't do without me but my boss even though she say's i'm terrific does not promote me or offer suggestions as to how i can get ahead. This is what i feel - she is very comfortable having me stay in the position i'm in and wants to keep me there. I feel if I have to be there for 8 hours i may as well make as much as i can and want to learn more and do more. They give me more work but NEVER offer up any more money.
My question is should i look for other employment? is the writing on the wall and i'm refusing to see it ?
Any suggestion on work that would allow me to be home when my kids get home. My daughter - thank god is watching my son as soon as she gets home from school - saving me $ loads of $ and i really appreciate it. But i know deep down in her heart she would much rather have me there when she gets home - she is a very mature 11 year old - almost 12 - took the babysitting course and she can handle it but still - especially at this age i think i should be home.

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So What Happened?

thanks all for your advice - i have not looked elsewhere - but i will now and i couldn't agree more that i must keep my job while looking. i am very lucky to have a job and i do realize that. but it doesn't hurt to see what's out there and i will look into what can be done for reduced hours. My children are the most important to me. where there is a will there is a way and everytime i have thought about looking elsewhere i never really did anything about it. but i will now and the act of just looking - i'm sure will empower me. thanks all for your advice and help

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What length would you go to have your husband at home with you, As well as, Build a legacy for your family? that is both willable & sellable. While resting assure you get paid daily & the work you do one time will grow to the point of being able to go on vacation and come home to a check!

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" This may be a blessing - not yet made clear."

Look forward to hearing from you,
- A.



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I would speak to an attorney first about if that is discrimination employment. Go to parker&



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Hey M.,

I think there is no harm in updating your resume and putting it out there. I wouldn't do anything drastic as far as leaving because the job market is terrible right now. If you take your time and start looking you may be able to get something with more pay or even the same pay and less hours. I worked like a dog for someone for 3 years and only received one small raise. When I would approach them there were always excuses, the economy, I am working on it, I didn't forget you, we will sit down soon. All stalling tactics so yes I think they could just be stringing you along right now. Like I said before you get fed up and really hate going to work, be proactive and start looking now. It is best to find the right job when you have a job, because you are not desperate and can really weight the pros and cons. Good luck and congratulations on having such a great daughter who is willing to help out!



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If you have a strong feeling you need to be with your kids more than you are now, then you should see about reducing your hrs -- would it be possible to leave work early a few days a week? I bet your daughter is very mature, I was too at that age, but it is a lot of responsibility -- I hear my friends tell me that time of day (right after school) is when so much stuff happens and the kids need adult supervision more then. Have you asked your boss about being promoted or having a pay increase -- is it because they needed this person at that specific location -- are you willing to travel? I think you need to personally figure our what is best for you and your family and then go for it! If you want to be at home more, then focus on part time work, if you want to advance and make more money at work, then go for it. I agree with the previous advice, it doesn't hurt to put your resume out there, with a do not contact my current employer! Check out the want ads -- craigslist and see what is out there, you never know, you may find something with the same pay and less hrs. If you depend on your work for health insurance though, check on that with my previous work the premium for health insurance went up significantly with working part time. Where do you live -- perhaps there is some after school activities in the school, community, or with a few other kids/parents that your kids would enjoy more. Best of luck, I see you are a single mom, it must be very hard, I am assuming you must not get much help from their father.

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