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Updated on November 23, 2010
S.B. asks from Nashville, TN
8 answers

I have a 10 yr old who struggles with making friends and can be emotional at times. He also struggles with self esteem issues- not sure why but he does. He is a sweet kid and very smart. I am wondering if putting him in a sports acitivity would help him or hurt? Suggestions on the sports side of things? Just trying to think of ways to be helpful to him. Thanks so much!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Extra curicular activities. But also there is boy scouts, or church programs. Definitely invovle him in other things that interest him, so he will be interested and excited to go and have fun. And he will find friends with his same interest.
Good luck!

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answers from Oklahoma City on

extra caricular activities are always a plus, karate, baseball, soccer, something he's interested in, even dance if he's interested in that. My daughter HAS to play 1 sport a year minimum, she play soccer in kindergarten, soft ball in first and wants to see about band lessons and soft ball now (second grade). or an organization helping families in need, if he's good at a subject, find a way to let him tutor in what he's good at, my daughter did that at her school (she advanced) at her choice, my approval, and the teacher's approval, she stayed inside during recess once a week and tutored her struggling classmates her age and lower....REALLY boosted herself esteem and made friends that way

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answers from Dallas on

If you think sports aren't going to be his thing, what about an art class or karate or music lessons? You know him best. What's he into? He can get social with things other than sports. Check out your local rec center and see what they offer.

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answers from Nashville on

there should be upward basketball sign ups going an at area churches that you could put him in. it is not like most city leagues. they are not as rough and everyone plays equal time. good luck and god bless, R.



answers from New York on

Martial arts, acting classes, art classes, church groups, tennis, racket ball, pool, table tennis, your local YMCA or Boys & Girls Clubs may have programs your kid would fit into nicely. I may steer away from group sports activities because he is 10 and many of the group sports boys may have been at this since they were 6 and many may have friendships already developed.

The martial arts may help with his esteem giving him confidence with defending himself from other boys. Boys tend to be very physical with the hitting, pushing, shoving and wrestling. I hope this helps.



answers from Washington DC on

I homeschool mine and enrolled him in art class and fencing. He loves them both.



answers from Fayetteville on

I agree with 1 0f the other posters. Sign your son up for Boy Scouts! It is a really good program for boys like your son!

Good Luck



answers from Wilmington on

I agree with everyone who suggested martial arts. A good program will teach confidence, self-respect, and discipline as well as the physical aspects. My friend's boys take karate and love it. They were required to learn the history of the type of karate they are learning, and also the meanings and purpose behind each move-making it more meaningful to them than just punching and kicking. The instructer also works with them on meditation/mindfulness, which can help in dealing with emotional issues.

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