Seeking a Santa Claus for Rent

Updated on November 13, 2007
M.B. asks from Plainfield, IL
4 answers

My Husband is throwing a Christmas party for his employee's children on December 8th and we are looking for a reasonable priced Santa Claus to come by and visit with the children and give out xmas gifts. Does anyone know of someone?? Naperville is the location of the party.
Thanks :)

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My neighbors father owns a business call Characters Unlimited in Plainfield. He looks like Santa year round. I know they book up fast every Christmas. If you can't find any in your price range you can always purchase a suit from Target. We bought one and my husband dresses up every year for the Christmas party we have for our friends and family. All of the kids love it.



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Sorry for the delay in getting you this info but this Santa is my friend' father in law and I knew he had a website ( but I didn't know what his driving boundaries were so she got back to me with this information...unfortunately the soonest he could be to Naperville is about 3:00 because he has a breakfast function that day as well. Fee is $100 for 1/2 hour and $50 for each addl 1/2 hour. With travel time to Naperville it would be $200 for a 1/2 hour appearance. Check out his website..he is very realistic.


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I wish I could help! My MOMS Club is looking for a Santa as well. I did see some posted on Craigslist??? If I find any, I'll definitely let you know.



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Would you consider a Santa alternate? I am a mama source owned busines. I am Granny Grace a true granny clown who cares about kids. I tell a great Christmas Story, do magic and silly stuff kids laugh at. I charge $125 a show and live close to Naperville so would not charge for mileage. I also have a promotion going right now, with each booking, there is a $25 gift card to Wal Mart or Target.I could do a 20 minute show and hand out your presents at the end.

My web site is Right now I have Dec 8th open.

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