Seeking a Safe and Good Elementary School for North or North West LasVegas

Updated on January 13, 2007
L.T. asks from North Las Vegas, NV
4 answers

We are moving from Texas to LasVegas. I am wanting to learn about some of the schools for my Nine year old son. He is in the Fourth grade and will be coming to Vegas in March. This is a big transition for both of us and I want this to be as comforting as I can for him. I am looking for a school that is in a safe area,friendly children,teachers and staff that are willing to help and help make my son feel at home.

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answers from Las Vegas on

I'm originally from Texas but moved to Vegas at age 6 and attended school here through sophomore in college. The school district here ranks somewhere between 40 and 50 in the country. It's awful. I highly recommend private school. I'm sure there are some good schools with great teachers but I've never heard anyone say they love their child's public school. There is not one exemplary school in the district that I am aware of. Really, go private.



answers from Reno on

I agree with one of the other mom's post. Put your son in private school. Some of the schools in North Las Vegas are not the best. I used to live in North Las Vegas but because the neighborhood was going down hill we left that area of town. Be very careful where you move in North las vegas... if you need any help on the areas of town let me know....



answers from Las Vegas on

I went to high school in Las Vegas and now my kids are in Elementary. I went to a magnet school and loved it. My mom used to teach at an elementary school about seven years ago when it was pretty good. But now I am not that impressed the the district a a whole. My preschooler is in an awsome program through the school district, but I am very disappointed with how my 6 year old schooling is going- 1st grade. I think the problem is the school district is just too big and the schools don't have enough resources. Also, Clark County was one of the highest paying for teachers and now one of the lowest, while the cost of living has increased, so a lot of good teachers left town. There are neighborhoods that are nicer than others that have nicer schools, but I think that it all depends on the teacher, there are great teachers and there are bad teachers.

But on a positive note: they have schools here called magnet schools. Not sure if they have them in TX, but they are public, private schools. Students have to apply to get in, but they are free. They usually specialize in a subject. For example, I went to Advanced Technologies Academy, which is a high school the had 7 programs from law to graphic design. I loved it and learned so much. These schools have smaller classes. There's a few magnet elementary schools, I know one specializes in the arts, there's a technology one where the kids learn how to build robots.

Overall, there are good schools here and great teachers, you just have to find them. My favorite areas of town are in the North West and South west.

You can go to then go to magnet schools. Gilbert is the one that specializes in the arts and is located in the NW. Both my friends boys went there and love it. I am currently looking into my options.
Good luck!



answers from Las Vegas on

Just a note to ease your mind. I live in N Las Vegas and have a 9 y.o. daughter in the 3rd grade. She goes to Cozine Elementery and LOVES it. This is her 1st year at this school, but I have been in the office several times and had to call a few times too and have had a great responce everytime. Also the before and after school program (safkey)people are great. My daughter only goes there a few times a month and they remember her name and mine everytime I go in there. My Niece goes to Simmons Elementery just a little North of me and my sister has keept her there through several moves because she likes the school soo much. I also have a 9 y.o. step son who went to Watson elementery last year and the office staff was great there too. Good luck with your move! mabye we will run in to eachother around here sometime :)

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