Seeking a Practitioner Experienced in Treating Candida

Updated on January 15, 2010
C.M. asks from La Grange, IL
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Hi Moms,
I am looking for a practitioner who is experienced in treating candidiasis, a systemic yeast infection. I have a beautiful 3-year-old daughter who was given multiple antibiotics intravenously at birth. She now suffers from eczema, multiple food allergies, sleeping difficulties, breathing difficulties and moodiness among other things. Upon doing some research, I found that the root cause could be a yeast infection or candida. Has anybody been in a similar situation? Can anybody help by recommending a local experienced practitioner that combines natural and conventional treatments? I appreciate your help.

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Hi C.,
So sorry to hear about your daughter's issues. I have a friend who was successfully treated for candida but a medical intuitive I go to, Kurt Hill at Holistic Health Practice, 1 East Superior. My friend is an adult, but everything he prescribes is holistic, so I would imagine it would be safe for a 3 year old. I brought my son to see him when he was 7. He's great with kids. ###-###-####

Good luck. If anyone can help your daughter, Kurt can. He is a very special man with special talents.

B. Babcock

Feel free to mention my name when you call.

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I am interested to see what responses you get. I had thrush when my son was 8 weeks old and have been fighting it off for over 2 years with little success. Check out this place- A friend said Dr. Brannick helped her. I also saw a nutritionist in Northbrook who put me on a special yeast-free, sugar-free and dairy-free diet to help rid myself of the yeast. It's not an easy or fun diet, but it can help. Are you giving your daughter probiotics every day? Cut down on her sugar and give her tons of probiotics.

They can be a bit extreme, but also check out this Yahoo group-

I'll keep checking to see what other suggestions people provide.

Good luck!
Barefoot Books Ambassador

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Hi C.,

There is a book that I believe is called The Yeast Connection - by Crook. Its whole premise is that by altering your diet, you make your body and undesirable environment for yeast to thrive which eventually kills off your yeast issue. I have a friend who had to go on this diet as she had complications from yeast for years. I don't know how this would affect a 3 year old so you would definitely want to talk to a pediatric doctor/nutritionist but it is worth reading while you search for specialists in this area.

The other thing I would look into is using probiotics. My son has food allergies and skin irritation. I have noticed when he eats a yobaby yogurt a day or takes BioGaia Straws which is a probiotic suppliment for kids (he is 3) that is makes a huge difference. The BioGaia was a sample from our pediatrician (Town and Country Pediatrics on Halsted/Division - we see Dr Wyman). They have a huge staff of doctors and also a really good list of referrals as every specialty doctor that have referred us too was top notch.

Good luck!!

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