Seeking a Place to Host Baby Shower

Updated on October 15, 2009
L.C. asks from Arlington, TX
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Hello to all, I am hosting a baby shower for my daughter &
am on a tight budget, if you have any ideas on
a reasonable nice place to hold this shower in the N. Arlington area preferably please let
me know. Any simple food/snack ideas are also appreciated.
The guest list is about 30/35 people & I will have a co-host (not sure of
Her budget yet)

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So What Happened?

Thanks to all, you all were very helpful! I will definitley stick to simple snacks & I did find a nice place
in Euless bordering N. Arlington that is convenient,very nice & very reasonably priced (for Euless resident.

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I agree with the timing. If you do it mid afternoon you can escape the need for food. Just cake, punch, and some nuts would do. I would definitely recommend checking with the Parks & Rec dept to see if there is an option there. Good luck.



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In grapevine there is a community center next to the fire house. See if there is one in Arlington, it's only like $50/hour. For food, stick with the simple...tea, water & coffee, a cake, nuts and those shower mints. That's it. Don't have the shower at noon and no one should expect food other than snacks.


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You could do a pickles and ice cream theme. They have cute invitations with that and you could get a big jar of pickles for a center piece with a ribbon tied around it. Then get ice cream and toppings. I went to one like that and it was SO CUTE! And easy! :)



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We have had a couple family gathering/lunches at the city rec center in N. Arlington. I am not sure the price, but I believe they are reasonable. Here is a link to their site:

Good luck!



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You really should meet with co-host talk about budget so that ya ll know what your budget is & make a list of what you will need and call Sams or Costco they have great prices on sandwich trays, fruit n cheese trays it would be less expensive to do it yourself just buy in bulk at Sams. I think sandwichs, chips and some fruit or veggies would be good and for beverages bottled water, baby shower punch and tea. I also make diaper cakes,babies out of pampers, suckers made out of baby washcloths etc;
let me know if i can help

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