Seeking a Place to "Donate Stutf Animals"

Updated on April 15, 2009
L.V. asks from San Pablo, CA
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Spring cleaning and my daughter is over blessed with tooooo many stuff animals. We need a place to donate stuff animals. A place they will love. They love it here, but they're over crowded and my daughter is almost ten now and the thrill is gone(smile). The animals are just sitting around and they're bored.

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Check with your local social services department. I'm sure they can put you in contact with some type of family shelter or battered womens shelter that could use some stuffed animals. some of those children are traumatized and a stuffed animal to cling to might just be what the doctor ordered!



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Stuffed animals are so hard to get rid of. Here are a couple of places that I have found:

In Martinez is the Hall Closet Thrift Store, 202 Glacier Court. They are only open Monday and Tuesday 10-2 but they take toys.

Your local fire department might take small teddy bears - they should be about the size of a beanie baby. They keep them in the fire truck to give child involved in a fire.

Oakland Children's Hospital was taking beanie babies for patients. You used to be able to drop them off at They Grow So Fast children's consignment in Lafayette.

I also read about a a place called The East Bay Depot for Creative Re-Use that accepts items for re-use by artists...Their phone is ###-###-####, 6713 San Pablo Ave, Oakland.

I also once donated a couple bags of animals to my daughter's preschool. They were Finding Nemo animals and they decorated the classroom by hanging them from the ceiling.

You might also try Freecycle or Craigslist FREE listings.

Another option are the places that have pick-up days once a month - Call United Cancer Research Society (800-433-4224) to find out when the next pick-up is in your neighborhood. They take everything.

Good-luck! Michele



answers from San Francisco on

Lots of places would like your stuffed animals, like shelters for battered women and their kids, homeless shelters for women and kids, or just the Salvation Army or the Goodwill. It sounds to me like you are exhausted and are not getting enough time for yourself. You might want to step back and see if you should be teaching your daughter to do some things for herself. It's not good for kids to have everything they "want, desire, and need" without putting forth some effort of their own. Loving her includes giving her the tools to start becoming independent of you.



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try Project Night Night, they accept gently used stuffed toys and blankets and books to put in totes for children in homeless shelters



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There's two places right on San Pablo Dam Road. Goodwill and Thrift Town will both take stuffed toys. I have shopped at both places and Thrift Town has a great selection of other stuffed toys for them to party with until they are bought.

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