Seeking a Nice Dog Prayer

Updated on May 26, 2009
J.C. asks from Saint Petersburg, FL
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We just lost our dog of 23 yrs, he was an Austrialian sheep dog/blue heeler. I wanted to put a nice dog prayer for him, and always continue to say it, when I do my rosaries as well, can someone help me with putting some words together?


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So What Happened?

I am so greatful for all the sympathy remarks that came in on this site and Debra thank you very much for that website on, the prayers were very meaningful and spiritual, it made me happy to know that I can recite this prayer as well as add it into my nightly rosary.

Again thank you very much ladies, you always come through for us.


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I'm so sorry for your loss. Your memories will be with you forever...hold them dear and close and let them bring happiness to you and your family.

I have no words for you to incorporate into a prayer, but I think that as you think and remember, that you will come up with a prayer that is speacial and meaningful to you and is so very personal between you, your pet and your God. He was a part of your life for many, many years and you will find the right prayer and will know it when it comes to you....

As a lifelong pet owner and former pet business owner- and having lost my own 'first' college adopted pet just last year, I can relate to the sadness that this loss brings. You will be in my prayers.....



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I feel your pain, I am a huge animal lover and have had animals all my life, my current cats and dogs are reaching that age where I will have to know that the time is near for them, I have been through this countless times but it never becomes easier . Try this website:



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I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. God bless.



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So sorry to hear about your loss... Have you heard of the "Rainbow Bridge?" I'm sure you can pull it up online.
My heart and thoughts go out to you.
Best Wishes...

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