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Updated on February 03, 2009
B.G. asks from Fraser, MI
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Hello Ladies,
I moved to MI with my husband last year and am still trying to get use to the area. I have been looking for a Midwife who either works with or is also a OB/GYN. My husband and I are thinking about starting a family soon and we are interested in natural and safe prenatal and postnatal care. We are also interested in home birth or a birthing center that is not dictated by hospital policies. If anyone has any suggestions It would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you all in advance for your responses.

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answers from Detroit on

The only hospital I know of midwifes are crititen Hospital but you could check with any of the hospitals.



answers from Detroit on

I also went to Oakland Macomb. I saw the Doctors during my pregancy because I needed an emergency c-section with my first (I was seeing a different dr. with the first) and ended up scheduling a 2nd c-section for medical reasons. That being said, I have seen a mid-wife for follow-up visits. I love this practice.

My entire family goes here. This practice has delived 3 babies for me and 2 cousins this year.

I did not have the same problems with Troy Beaumont as Lisa. I was not pressured to take medication, was not pressured to have the baby taken to the fact they won't take your baby now unless there is a problem...and was supported in breastfeeding. I love both nurses. I was able to go home about 36 hours after my c-section.

Good luck...



answers from Detroit on

I had my baby at Troy beaumont. I had 1 dr and 1 nurse and my husband it was very calm and relaxed birth.

I was not pressured for drugs or anything else.

I however did ask for drugs and was much more comfortable after the drugs..

The baby went to the nursery after he was about 2 hours old. He stayed for about 2 horus and then I got him back..

Providence did have a birthing center -- not sure if they still do in this time of budget cuts.

I would never consider a home birth... there are so many things that can go wrong. It would be a real tragedy to suffer serious complications at home taht could have been easily managed in the hospital environment.



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I had my second child at the birthing center at Providence Hospital in Southfield. Providence is a part of St. John hospitals. The Birthing center is on the same floor as the maternity ward. I had a great experience there. My doctor, Dr. Melissa Marback, just moved to Novi last year with her whole practice, which is Metro Partners in Women's Health. I know for sure that she has some medullas and midwives there. I'm sure you could call the birthing unit and receive references as well. My family doctor, Dr. Sanford Lax, recommended Dr. Marback to me. He is one of the pediatricians/family doctors that is on the list for the birthing center.

I would try going to You can find out a lot of information there as well.

I hope this helped a little bit. My mother-in-law delivered at least 6 of her children at the birthing center so it comes highly recommended from us. :-)



answers from Detroit on

Eastside Gyn/OB has a midwife and the doctors there were great to work with. I delivered at St. John Detroit and they were very supportive of my choices regarding monitoring and interventions. They are in Roseville and I could not have been happier.



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I live close to you (Roseville) but travel to Oakland-Macomb OBGYN in Troy to see my midwife. The practice has 3 midwives and 7 doctors and they deliver out of Troy Beaumont (no homebirths).

I was pleased with my midwife for my first pregnancy and childbirth and I'll be delivering my second baby in April. I did a completely natural and drug-free birth. I was glad to be at the hospital because I ended up with a postpartum hemorrhage and needed an emergency D&C. But other aspects of the hospital bothered me like being pressured to take pain meds, sleeping pills, send the baby to the nursey, and bottlefeed.

I've also heard the Providence Alternative Birth Center is more of a "home-like" place to give birth but it's nice that it's connected to the hospital. I thought about switching but I really like the practice I go to.

Here's their website:



answers from Detroit on

The Henry Ford Medical Center at Fairlane has a number of midwives. My prenatal care with my 2nd son was with two of the midwives there.



answers from Detroit on

Providence ABC is supposed to be good and has midwives.
Also the Birthing Center in Taylor is a free standing birth center.

There are many midwives that are available for home birth as well.. PM me for more info if you'd like.

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