Seeking a Job That Understands That My Children Come First.

Updated on June 15, 2008
K.S. asks from Clifton Heights, PA
4 answers

I am currently working as a logistics coordinator and I like my job just not the people I work for. They expect me to work past 5pm and put them before my children. Which is crazy, no one comes before my kids. So I am looking for any info on a good job opportunity with a company that understands that I have children and when they are sick they are my first priority. Any Info will help. I am from Primos PA. ( NO SALES )Thank you!

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Hi K.,
I've definitely been where you are in years past. My advice to you would be to make it perfectly clear up front during the interview process that you are a mother first then you will give their company your 100% during your hours of work. Explain that you need to be off at a certain hour and also let them know if you are the person who will have to leave early or stay home if your children are ill. Add that you will take time off without pay if necessary.

I believe there are lists on the internet of the best companies to work for, by state and some of the working women magazine sites have them.

I think that honesty is the best approach right from the start with everyone you interview with and don't be afraid to remind folks of the conversations you had if necessary. If a company is going to judge you first on your family priorities and not your credentials, they aren't someone you want to work for anyway.

Good luck!

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PLEASE let me know if you find a company who is family-friendly. I am currently searching for the same. I agree with the previous reply to raise the issue during the interview process too, but I would be hesitant to push it too much. Good luck in your search!



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K. and Karen - Have either of you found what you are looking for? I am located in Media and work from home with a company that allows me to build my business around my family. Even if you aren't looking for a home business we can help you save mponey and have safer, natural products for you and your family. They also give you free products so if you want more info please get in touch. I'll be happy to answer any questions or provide information.




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Hi there K.,

Have you ever considered working from home? I guess many work from home opportunities require you to sell something. I've found a great home based business. I'd be happy to chat with you about it, IF you're interested. No parties, no sales, no risk! Just let me know.

Good luck to you!

C. Smith

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