Seeking a Good Preschool

Updated on March 18, 2008
D.R. asks from Utica, MI
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Hello, my son will be 3 in August and it has just occurred to me that he will be going to preschool in the fall (yikes!) I honestly don't have a clue where I can find a good preschool--can anyone recommend a good one? (I live in Macomb Township). I know of one by my house through the Chippewa Valley School System called Little Turtle Preschool; is that the only Chippewa Valley preschool? Is there a difference between a preschool that is through a school and one that is through a daycare center? I am so clueless about these things! If anyone can offer any insight about a preschool, either good or bad, that would be great, thanks!!

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I would highly recommend Macomb Christian Schools Early Educational Center. They have Pre-school, Pre-K, they also have extended Day Care. The program is wonderful. My children now attend Macomb Christian Schools and we are very pleased with their education. You can contact Jeannie Beck at ###-###-#### regarding Pre-School. If you have any questions that you would like to ask me please send me a note.

The MCS web site is:

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It may be a bit far for you, but there is a great program at Anchor Bay Co-op - it is one of the few co-op programs around this area. It is based on being run by the parents with certified teachers and is a great way to be involved with your child's education as much or as little as you would like. Check out the website at or you can call and/or visit anytime at ###-###-####.

Good luck!!



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Many schools and churches offer pre-school. Generally 3-4 year olds attend for 2-3 hours 2-5 times per week. Some "daycares" also offer pre-school programs. My kids attend Kindercare, and it offers a pre-school curriculum, I believe you can enroll your child for just the preschool portion, a few days a week (or as many as you would like).

Here is a link that describes all the different pre-school methodologies,1607,7-197-27385-83422--...

You can also go to the State of Michigan child care lookup and put in cities or zips and pull up all licensed facilities. Once you click on a school-- it will let you know if it is a full time daycare provider or a pre-school only. The link is

Really- while my son (now 4) learns letters, phonics, numbers, and other "skills" pre-school is really for social interaction and fun. I would look for someplace close to home that has caring teachers.

Good luck.


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Montessori Childrens Academy on Romeo Plank and 19 mile road is GREAT!



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Little Turtle is not the only Chippewa preschool. If you call the central office ###-###-####) you can get all of the information on the different preschools. Good luck!

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