Seeking a Good Pre-school for My Daughter in West Denver

Updated on January 29, 2009
A.G. asks from Denver, CO
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I love this website; I've offered lots of advice, but this is the first time I'm actually seeking it. I know you all will come through for me!

I am looking for a true PRE-SCHOOL program, not a day care disguised as a preschool. I have 3 1/2 year old daughter (guess I need to update my profile...LOL) and I would like to get her enrolled for this fall. I'm completely overwhelmed by the whole process and the number of options and I'm stressing about this, big time! I'm not into competitiveness and stuff like that. Do any of you have suggestions? I live near Green Mtn. in Lakewood.

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Hi A.,

My daughter who is 3 1/2 now goes to LUMP (Lakewood United Methodist Preschool). It is a non-denominational play-based preschool located between Garrison and Wadsworth on 14th. It is a coop so parents are required to help out in the classroom once a month or you can opt out by paying an extra fee monthly. Here is the site for more info:

Feel free to contact Mary and schedule a morning to check out a classroom.

Good luck.




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I am not sure what kind of school setting you are looking for, but this would be my first choice. They believe in promoting individual growth & allowing the kids to learn at a pace thats right for them. Check it out they have several locations... I just spoke with the director, PJ, about a week ago for when my new baby arrives. She will send you a brochure through mail or email & will schedule you to take a tour.

Montessori at Denver Pl.
Phone ####-###-####

Good Luck finding the right place - I know this must be hard. - C.



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We have absolutely LOVED Patterson Preschool. It's in the Jeffco system. It costs a little less than some of the public preschools, and the teachers are just incredible. We have not had a single negative thing to say, and I was amazed at how many people raved about it once I told them where we were going. I actually found it through Mamasource. It's a bit of a drive, but SO worth it. Good luck!



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my son went to an awesome preschool here on the west side of town. it was called Tanglewood but they just rebuilt and now are called Karen & David (i think) litz. the program is awesome and the teachers are great. you can find their info on the Jeffco schools website. Good luck!



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Hi A.~

My daughter goes to a wonderful preschool in NW Denver, Steele Cooperative Preschool (approximately W.38th Ave and Lowell). This is the school's 26th year. As a cooperative, the parents aid in the classroom about once a month. Our 4-year-old class (pre-K) meets M, W, F afternoons from 12:30 to 3:30. If you would like more information on our school, please contact me (



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Will she be 4 before September/October. I am not sure of the exact date. However, at 4 the ECE program offered by the public schools is great. My boys went and it really helped when they went to kindergarten. They were ready for the day and knew the school and had a great time.
My daughter also went to the preschool program at the Southwest YMCA which we all loved. She didn't turn 4 before the ECE deadline so she had an extra year at the YMCA. She now is at Grant Ranch and had no problem. She walked right in like she owned the place and began pretending to be the teacher. I can't believe she will be in 1st grade. Time does fly. If you need info or phone numbers let me know.

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