Seeking a Good Marriage Counselor - Allen,TX

Updated on March 16, 2008
J.L. asks from Allen, TX
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I need to find a good marriage counselor for me and my husband to go to. He moved into an apartment last Friday but says he is not ready for a divorce and is already regretting leaving. We both know we can't go back to the way things were and want to make it work but have tried on our own for over a year now and we have not been successful. We have two boys, 2 1/2 and 5 1/2 yrs and they are very confused. We are not fighting or ugly, just fell out of love I think. Anyway, we are both skeptical of counseling but know we need something. Please let me know if you have a name and number, especially near the Plano/Allen area. Thank you!

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Some friends of mine saw Sylvia and Milt Gearing at Gearing Up in Plano. They saw the two of them together (both were concerned that a man would take sides with the husband or the woman would take sides with the wife) but I think Milt does marriage counseling alone if you don't want to pay two copays. They really liked them and the husband was reassured that everything they were going through was kind of typical so he felt better about things. Sounds like he was kind of in the same place as your husband. Good luck!

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I recommend Dr. Paul Bowles; I dont' have his number handy but you can search Yahoo yellow pages and get it. His office is near Hillcrest & 635. My husband and I used him for premarital counseling a long time ago and he was very helpful. He used to be a minister, so I feel that he is family oriented, but he does not stress religion at all. I just feel he is more likely to try to help couples stay together than some who seem focused on maximizing "me." He is a behavioral counselor, and he will give you tools to communicate with. My husband, as well as two other good male friends, have found him easy to work with - he tends to reassure them that the things he teaches will actually help them in their career - emphasizing that he actually works with high-powered execs as well as married couples helping the execs communicate better with employees. We need to go see him again but hubby will not go. But I tell you that the communication skills he helped us with have lasted more than ten years. We have 2 sets of twins so I can relate to how your two children have probably caused a zillion new stresses that are weighing on you, and you barely have time to communicate at all, much less try to do it effectively. Take care and good luck.

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We see a wonderful Christian based counselor named Priscilla Ragsdale located off Dallas North Tollway & Trinity Mills.
Her phone number is ###-###-####. Good luck to you both!



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You can try Christian Counseling Associates ( or ###-###-####) I am familiar with Brittany, and she is a WONDERFUL counselor with advice and support beyond her years. They are Allen/Plano are.

It's a good sign that you BOTH want to seek out counseling, and I wish the best in your life long journey together. In the long run, despite the outcome, you're setting a positive example for your boys :)

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