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Updated on June 08, 2008
L.S. asks from Kimberly, WI
10 answers

I am looking to switch Health Insurance. I currently have Anthem Blue Cross, but I am not happy with them since they took over. They completely changed my plan without my knowledge and so routine visits are no longer covered. I did some searching on the internet. Also got a call from someone from Health Market. Anyone heard of or use them??? Any other advice would be good. I am looking for a family plan or one that covers me and my daughter. I don't have any major health concerns so I am looking for prevenattive visits covered. Thanks

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answers from Milwaukee on

Here is the contact info for Pro Insurance.

When you call ask to talk to Rich Fuchs II and tell him that we sent you to him. (Tom & Kathy Wentland)

He knows us very well.

Please contact them from 8:00am - 5:00pm CST Monday through Friday

PRO Insurance Managers, Inc.
209 West 135th Street
Kansas City, MO 64145-1201

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 480707
Kansas City, MO 64148-0707

Toll Free
877-CALL-PRO (877-225-5776)

Direct Dial


General Information, Sales & Support

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answers from Minneapolis on

Hi. I have Health Partners Individual Plan. It is like most insurance you would get through an employer - they have a deductable and an out of pocket maximum each year and preventative office visits (like prenatal and well-child) are covered 100%. Like you, I had no health issues when I began with this insurance, but have since had one major surgery and two children and I have never had a problem with them refusing treatment or billing me inappropriately. I don't know how they compare with premiums of other individual health insurance anymore (they were competitive when I was looking into it years ago), but I will continue with them because I feel confident they will cover me as needed. Good luck!

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answers from Minneapolis on

Hi L.,

We have a private insurance plan through BCBS MN. Our plan is actually a high deductible plan with a health savings account. It works great if you have the money to put into the health savings account.

There are so many options out there. I would recommend working with a broker. A broker will work with you to figure out the best fit and walk you through all the details of the plan- it can be confusing! You shouldn't have to pay the broker, they get paid by the insurance company when you sign up for a plan.

If you are in MPLS area, I could refer you to the broker we work with. He's a good guy and not your typical "insurance salesman"- although he is :)



answers from Sheboygan on

Hi L.!

Do you have a dental plan? If you do not, please let me know as I work with the largest discount health and dental provider in the nation. I can help you figure out if we have providers in your area and if it would be worth it for you to check out our plans. It's $19.95/mo for your entire household and you also get vision, Rx, & chiropractic discounts. We do have health plans, but they are discount plans, and not insurance, so nothing is ever covered 100%.

Let me know if you want more info:) My husband is self-employed and I've gone through the same thing you are dealing with several times!!! I wish you the best!!




answers from Eau Claire on


I would recommend getting an independent agent. It does not cost you anything. They make their money from the insurance companies. They will do all the research and leg work dealing directly with the insurance companies.

We filled out one application and our insurance agent used that to shop around to many different companies. We were with BCBS for 7 years until we couldn't take their rate hikes anymore. We switched to Medica as they were very, very competitive. Great company.

So here is an agents number for you. He is in Eau Claire and he specializes in situations like yours - induviduals to small groups.

Mark Miller

Tell him A. told you to give him a call.



answers from Milwaukee on

Hi L.,
I know this is a month overdue, but I just wanted to make sure you had the information anyway!! Please write or e-mail back if you are interested!

AmeriPlan USA
Delivering on the Promise

Save As Much As 80% on Dental Services ?

Finally! A benefits package that makes sense for the whole family!

Our Memberships:

Includes Dental, Vision, Prescription, and Chiropractic
Membership fee is just -
for your entire household

Includes Primary & Specialty Medical care, Ancillary Services, and Hospital Advocacy
Membership fee is just -
for your entire household

Combines Dental Plus
and Basic Health Benefits
Membership fee is just -
for your entire household

Combines Dental Plus
and Basic Health Benefits
and adds: Legal Services, Identity Theft Protection,
and Roadside Assistance.
Membership fee is just -
for your entire household

Dear L.,

Welcome to the #1 health-benefits Provider Access Organization in the USA! When you're looking for great benefits to protect the ones you love, AmeriPlan is your most important destination. Just take a look at the awesome features our plan provides for you - and every person living in your house! If you have any questions i'm here to help!
Here's how AmeriPlan Dental can help you and your entire household...
AmeriPlan is a Provider Access Organization or Dental Referral Service that offers memberships in its discount dental plan. Members can save 25% to 65% on all restorative and cosmetic work and up to 80% on all preventive work performed by a general dentist. Specialists fees are discounted 25%.

Use your benefits right away! ...within 24-48 hours.
You can go to the dentist as often as you like and get whatever services you need.
This includes children and adults. The only exception is for treatment that is already in progress. 58% off!
Items such as bleaching or aesthetic bonded finishes i selected markets - - and implants!
Periodontists, Endodontists, Pedodontists, Oral Surgeons, Orthodontists and Prosthodontists.
All pre-existing issues are accepted, except orthodontic treatment in progress...even if you have had a problem for a long time.
You know exactly how much you will have to pay each time you see a dentist. There's no expensive surprises with AmeriPlan.
Unlike some insurance policies, there are NO LIMITS on age for AmeriPlan Benefits.
You won't have to fill out any claim forms and you won't have to deal with any insurance companies.
You can change dentists whenever you want and select another AmeriPlan approved provider any time ...without having to notify anyone.
Your membership fee is guaranteed for two full years!
In addition to the generous savings you receive with our Dental package, you will also receive extensive coverage and save on all your...

Vision Care -
More than 12,000 optical providers nationwide, including most national chains such as Lens Crafters, Pearle Vision, Sears and JC Pennys accept our card.
Save from 20% to 60% on all frames, lenses, tints, scratch-resistant coatings and ultra-violet protection.
Save from 5% to 30% on ophthalmology eye exams and surgery (including RK and ALK). Get up to 60% off on contact lenses, including daily wear, extended wear, disposable, tinted, bifocals and gas permeable.
Lasik eye surgery included.
Save even more - up to 50% - on all non- prescription sunglasses, including famous brand names like Serengeti, Vuarnet, Police, Carerra, Christian Dior and many others.

Prescription Needs
Our prescription drug card may be used at more than 50,000 pharmacies nationwide, as well as through mail order. Shop at Walgreens, Excerds, Wal-Mart, CVS Pharmacy and most nationwide chains and receive substantial savings on your prescription medications.
Save up to 25% on most brand name prescription drugs.
Save up to 50% on most generic prescription drugs.
Includes special prescription monitoring service for individual drug history.
Special savings on mail order prescriptions.

Chiropractic Care
Free initial exam.
50% off all diagnostic services.
50% off all required x-rays.
30% off all treatment and other services


AMERIPLAN HEALTH - Comprehensive Medical Care
NOTE: With Total Health you get all of the above also included in your plan!
With more than 400,000 participating providers nationwide, Ameriplan Health can provide you and your family with:

Physician,24 hr NurseLine, Urgent Care, Bloodwork, Ancillary Services, Specialists and Hospital Advocacy benefits.
No pre-authorization for treatment required.
No exclusions on lab procedures. All laboratory tests are included. (Lab work, imaging, radiology and hearing services.)
All specialists are included, where available.
All ongoing medical problems are accepted. Cosmetic surgery included, such as eye lifts, face lifts and liposuctions.
Hospital confinement (inpatient or outpatient services) covered through the Hospital Advocacy benefits.
No age limit. Includes newborn to geriatric care.

AmeriPlan USA Health can drastically reduce costs for doctor visits, hospital stays, lab fees, and much much more...

It makes good, solid sense to become a member of AmeriPlan. You can begin receiving your savings today! Please feel free to call with any questions you have about the plan you are interested in. I can help you look up providers, walk you through the coverage and provide assistance. Once you feel ready, I can enroll you on-line or you can self enroll under the Yellow Join Now tab. There is a 30 day money back policy if you decide to change your mind!

Kindest regards,

E. Beaumont
Regional Health Benefits Specialist
####-###-#### 8-8 CST



answers from Minneapolis on

My family purchases our insurance through an "agent". He is a family friend and usually works with small businesses. I'm sure any business is good (for him).
He directed us to Preferred One. It is a high deductible plan; and we use a health savings plan. We have been very happy with Preferred One and the coverage we receive.
If you'd like more details feel free to contact me.



answers from Milwaukee on

Hi L.:
My hubby and I are both self-employed and have had to purchase our own health insurance for years. We've had all the major ones, some good, some bad and paid lots of $ in premiums. Anyway, we recently met with an insurance agent and he introduced us to American Community and it cut our monthly premium in half and we've been really happy with it so far. I had never heard of this ins company before but after doing some research, they've been around forever. If you'd like his name, contact me at at I'll give you his name and #. It's worth a shot.



answers from Sioux City on

Hi L.,
We have a private insurance policy since the company my husband works for does not offer health insurance. We have Alliance Select from Blue Cross Blue sheild, we purchased it through our local Farm Beauru. We pay dearly for it but the insurance is outstanding. It's a 90/10, copays are $15, and you don't have to pay copays for well child checkups or yearly appointments up to $500 per year. Basically I never have to pay anything more then a copay unless I go to the hospital. Occasionaly a $10 or $20 lab bill I might get but thats only happened twice I think in 4 years.
Everytime I go to a different doctor I am always told "you have great insurance". One insurance coordinator at my OBGYN told me that this is one of the best insurance plans out there, but like I said we do pay dearly for it. Both of us are in good health as well as my two kids but the thing that makes it more is that we have maternity coverage because were not sure if we're done having kids so maybe it wouldn't be so bad if you don't need that.
Hope this helps!



answers from Madison on

I would check with Unity Health Insurance - they have great and affordable individual health insurance policies. You can contact Jodi Kittleson at 800-362-3308.

Good luck!!

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