Seeking a Good Dr in Dealing with IBS

Updated on May 21, 2011
C.H. asks from Lewisville, TX
5 answers

I've been suffering with IBS for awhile, and would like to cure it. I'm looking for a doctor that is into finding the cause of the IBS (ie: bacterial overgrowth, candida, parasites, allergies) I'll go anywhere in DFW if they are good!

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answers from Dallas on

I've had IBS for probably over 20yrs now on and comes and goes depending on my stress level. I can go 5,6,7 yrs without any problems and then it will surface up due to stress and I will battle it for about a year seems like and then poof it's gone. I haven't had any problems in the last 4 yrs but when it does surface I have to watch my diet...stay away from "trigger" foods that aggrevates the IBS and try to get rid of the root of my stress. I've been to several doctors...all they ever wanted to do for me was prescribe me an anti-depressant which I was not in favor of...I asked the doctors why I should take an anti depressant when I'm not depressed...stressed maybe but never depressed. They kept explaining to me that there are two hormones that live in your stomach and when I stress it triggers those hormones to act up...the anti depressant is suppose to relax those hormones and help control the IBS. I still didn't like the idea of going on a med so I chose to deal with it and take control of my diet along with finding the root of my stress and fixing it!!! I'm pretty sure there's no real cure for IBS it just involves a lot of research on what your body likes and doesn't like...
I'm sure I'm not alot of help and know this is VERY frustrating. Hopefully you find what works for you. Another idea however is to have a colonoscopy just to make sure everything is ok. I had one done at the age of 25 and low and behold he found 2 parasites in me...we don't know how I got them...he said it could have been from sushi or it could have been from my trip to Tahiti...who knows but I'm glad they found them and we took care of that issue.

I wish you the best of luck and hang in there.



answers from Dallas on

I also recommend you change your diet. I had really bad symptoms and now I feel great after taking gluten out of my diet. I do not have Celiac but I do have a sensitivity to gluten (and milk). Try it for a couple of weeks (just make sure you read about gluten free diet, gluten is everywhere!), no gluten and no milk. It may help and save you a trip to the doctor.
Hope this helps.



answers from Dallas on

I was told I had IBS, but I did not agree. I had food testing done through Dr. Shepherd in Plano and of course the change in foods has taken all my symptoms away and I have added almost all the foods back in.

I also go to Dr. Chalmers in Frisco for some holistic help in other areas.

I am so glad I found these doctors......No issues, no medications....LOVE IT!



answers from Dallas on

My doctor diagnoised me with IBS before and did understand as I could barely go anywhere as it was taking over my life. I am sure that symptoms vary, but I always needed to be near a bathroom. My family physcian at the time, Dr. Guy Culpepper in Frisco and Dallas offices. He is amazing. No longer go because of insurance reasons, but he understood and told me that his wife had it at one time. He did give some medicine to help, but he also stated that it is caused by stress. One day, I quit worrying about it and allowing it to take over my life and it went away. He might can help



answers from Milwaukee on

You should Apple Cider Vinegar benefits...great site and really alot of info...for a wide array of different ailments. Good Luck 2u.

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