Seeking a DJ for 12 Yr Old Girl Birthday Party

Updated on July 21, 2009
D.F. asks from Sachse, TX
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Does any one know of a DJ in the Sachse area. I am considering this for my daughters birthday party and I have no clue how much something like this would cost.

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So What Happened?

We ended up using DJ Heather Dodson, a female, since it was an all girls party. And she was AWESOME! She came to my house a couple weeks early to discuss the details. At the party, she had a great set-up and she had a bunch of great and fun games lined up. My daughter said it was the best party ever! I was extremely pleased and her prices are reasonable.

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Hi D.,

I used DJ Kayotik from 104.5 this past May for my daughter's sweet 16. He was very professional, kept the kids entertained and only played music that was suitable for the radio. He came an hour early to set-up his equipment and was there for 7:00 p.m. to midnight. Total cost was $300, but I gave him an extra $50 as a tip.

Here's his contact info:
Kareem A. Thomson
aka GO DJ Kayotik "The People's Host"



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We know of a great DJ - here is his website:

He does a lot with the city of Allen and the Allen schools. he and his wife are both volleyball coaches. he and his sister both DJ and they do everything and are great for all ages!


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Our daughter now 14 has had several parties with DJ's. We've had about 2-3 per year since she turned 12.

We use Bill Cody's Party Time Productions in Plano. We used his company about 12 yrs ago for a crawfish boil at our house. We've also had Bill himself (FANTASTIC and one of the most sought after. GREAT with teens and keeping them involved) and spent well over $1000. In June, we hosted the party at our home vs the country club and we used another one of Bill's DJ's because we were having a smaller event and didn't want so spend as much money. I think we spent around $500 (max)for him. He was AWESOME and the teens loved him. I will always stick with Bill and his team for our entertainment.

You can find Bill and his dj's and entire entertainment line up on Bill and his team have a lot to offer. You can probably get someone for about $150/hour. I would add the light show and have someone to keep the action going so the kids don't sit around too much.


Another note that we've found VERY helpful..... We always hire an off duty police officer to be at our parties. This helps with supervision. Our rule is.....Once you come in, you are in. If you leave, you are gone, you don't come back in" That is a way we monitor the teens to make sure no one is bringing in something they don't need "alcohol/drugs/cigarettes" etc. It is not that expensive (about $100 cash) and well worth it. EXAMPLE: our last party got a little larger than expected. Word of mouth from teens spreads like wildfire when there is a party. We had some teens from high school show up that neither we nor our daughter and some of her friends knew. It was most helpful to have the officer here to back us up when we had to decline allowing them in. The officer will not enforce house rules....however, they will enforce the law if you have to ask someone to leave.

Have fun with your party!!! We are already planning a Halloween one and then the Dec 15th birthday one.



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My husband is a dj and we live in wylie (woodbridge)

His website is

Feel free to give him a call ###-###-####

His name is Justin and even if you don't go with him or if he's not avaiable, he will give you tips on what to look for, and might be able to find someone else. Mention you saw him on here (he is listed in the businesses) and he will give you a discount. :)
In addition, he has been a dj for many kids parties and used to work for Fun Time Live in Plano (which was a "kids club" on Friday or Saturday nights). He has radio edited music so you won't have to worry about that and will keep the party moving. He LOVES what he does and has so much fun doing it.



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Good morning, D.,
I belong to a group called Collin County Event Professionals, a group of vendors whose businesses are all focused on parties and events. Our website is . These is a great vendor, Lauren Brooks at B3 Entertainment Productions, who could answer all your questions and give you a quote for your daughter's party. You can contact her at luck!

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