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Updated on April 11, 2010
J.R. asks from Lakewood, CA
5 answers

Hi - I'm a mom of a new 2 month old daughter. She is our first child and we are very nervous about trusting anyone outside of our family for her caregiving. We live in Lakewood CA and I will be returning to work in the future. Does anybody have a childcare provider they can reccommend? Thanks!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Hi J.,

I am a home daycare in Lakewood and just had an opening become available in January. Email me and we can chat. If January is too soon my next opening is March.


try these websites. They will allow you to put in your zip and bring up local daycares in your area.

good luck

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answers from Los Angeles on

Contacting the licensing board in your area to get some referrals. Also check that to see if they have ever had any complaints or issues. My son is 1 and has been in daycare since he was 6 months old. He loves it there. Not to mention that I adore my daycare provider. It is very important that you feel comfortable with the provider that you chose. You should be able to stop by any time that you want and call whenever you want. Make sure that they do have too many infants (an infant is considered any child under the age of 2). I have heard of people finding daycare providers on Craigslist as well. Ask any question that you want of the person. Their life should be an open book. When you take your daughter to daycare the first few weeks are hard however it DOES get easier with every passing day. Oh yes, start seriously looking now for daycare as you want to have plenty of time to find a good one!



answers from Los Angeles on

My 3 have been in childcare since 2 mos old -- they are now school age, here are some guidelines.
You might want to check with the city of Lakewood to see if they have a referral service or agency. I used one in Anaheim, and was given a list of 25 people - I spoke with each one individually by phone, then went with out my child to interview them (during business hours) that way you see the kids and caregiver in action. Ask about helpers also make sure that they are licensed child care providers, that means that at least once a year their home etc is inspected. Once you narrow the list to a top 3-5 go back for a 2nd interview with your baby to see how the two interact.
Go with your gut. If you don't feel right with someone..just use that as enough to say no.

Hope this helps a little.




answers from Dallas on

Hi there

I have a child care facility. Licensed by State of Texas, insured,safe,fun, computer center, with private playground. We provide healthy snacks.
Our rates are very affordable, we provide services on hourly or weekly basis.
Our Hours of operation are
Mon-Thur 7am-8pm
Friday 7am-11:30pm
Saturday 8:30am-11:30pm

For more info please check our website:
or call



answers from Los Angeles on

Hi my name is J. vergara i have experience with all ages i used to work for kindercare learning center im not sure if you have heard of it its a day care well i worked there for 2 yrs i have decided to have my in home day care i have had many yrs of experience beginning of the age of 15 i am currently 20 yrs old i am engaged i know its hard to trust a stranger with your newborn but i honestly dont recommend you to put your baby in a day care due to the experience of working for a daycare center i experience alot of bad situations that many parents dont know of and i hope you find a great place but i would love to hear from you and hopefully we can meet i love kids and have 16 neices and nephew. I will follow all directions i am cpr certified my number is ###-###-#### feel free to contact me

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