Seeking 4 Yr. Old Preschool Within 15 Miles of Roseville for Fall

Updated on May 30, 2009
J.T. asks from Fraser, MI
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Dear Moms,

Please help me with my search for a preschool for my son this Fall. I have come across 50+ preschools. Although, I still feel as if I have not found the right one for us. I looked into Head Start, Great Start, World of Fours, ect. and we do not qualify. Here's what we're looking for in a preschool- Location: anywhere in Macomb County south of Hall Rd., Grosse Pointe area, or Oakland County south of Big Beaver and east of I-75.
Schedule: 2 days a week in afternoon
Tuition: no more than $140 a month
A few additional details: We would prefer the preschool to be Christian based or a Co-op. We're looking for a 1:8 ratio or better. Also, for it to be a strictly four year old class rather than 3-5 year olds. We would like the facility to be plentiful in size. You'd be suprised at how many 12' by 20' preschool class rooms we've toured. A program that offers a handful of fieldtrips would be great too! We would also hope that the teachers would have early childhood degrees.

I do not mean to come off as fussy at all. I just know what kind of preschool will work best for our child and lifestyle. I've spent a lot of time searching and am starting to get a bit frusterated. All the preschools that fit are criteria, seem to be too far away thus far. I figured referalls from other moms, would be my best bet at this point. Thanks In Advance! I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions!

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answers from Detroit on

My son goes to Trinity Lutheran at Hall and Van Dyke. He's in the 3 yr old preschool. The tuition for 4 yr preschool is 127.00. 4yr olds, 3 yr olds, and 5 yr olds are all separate. My son will also be in the 4 yr old preschool next fall too! 4 yr preschool is 3 days a week mon, wed, fri. We love it there! They do have field trips to the cider mill, nature center, and a couple of others. The room is very large with climbing toys, a pretend area, lot's of play space. They have circle time, Jesus time, snack, gym, library, and a project. I believe they also have chapel twice a month. It's in an actual school setting, not a daycare setting, which I like. His teacher has been there for a very long time. She is VERY good! We are very pleased with it. In fact, I just became a member of the church there because we like it so much. We anticipate sending both of our children there through 8th grade, God willing. Good luck!



answers from Detroit on

Hi J.,

I also live in Roseville. I teach the Parent-Toddler class at the Troy Co-op Preschool and my son will be attending the 3's class in the fall.

I think it's about 15 miles from Roseville, it usually takes me about 30 minutes to get there.

I guess I'm bias because I work there, but there is no other place I would send my child! I just love co-op's in general. It's so nice that you don't just drop your child off at the door without being allowed to go into the classroom. I also love the option to work in the classroom on a monthly basis and to participate in fieldtrips and holiday celebrations! It feels more like a family then a school.

Mrs. Teagan has been teaching at the school for 35 years and her daughter, Mrs. Rumel, has been there for 10 years. Please check out the website and go in for a visit!

I know there are also Co-op Preschools in St. Clair Shores & Grosse Pointe.



answers from Detroit on

what about faith lutheran church in troy.. itis at 16 mile and dequindre in troy..

It is fairly inexpensive.. the room is bright and is a coop so you get a discount if you help in the class..

I do not know if the teachers have degrees. I do not know if they offer afternoon classes.

I almost did a mom and tot class there..



answers from Detroit on

Try Trinity Lutheran in Clinton Township. They have an excellent and reasonable program. Good luck!



answers from Detroit on

Check out St. Germaine's in St. Clair Shores. I believe it meets everything you are looking for. The have separate 3 and 4 preschool. They have a separate building for preschool, larger than a normal class room. They do 2 field trips (with parents). There is a main teacher and an assistant at all times and then another teacher who comes in off and on and they encourage parent involvement for certain activities. I went to an open house there recently and thought it was great and loved the teachers. I also had 3 families recommend it to me. They have a few camps in the summer that you could send your son to try it out also.
I also heard that Trinity Lutheran had a good program.



answers from Detroit on

St. Peter's Lutheran in Eastpointe opened a brand new Early Childhood Center last fall. My daughter is currently enrolled and we couldn't be happier there. The staff is great as is the curriculum. It is Christ-centered with the kids having chapel once a week and Jesus time in their classrooms. There are also a couple field trips for the 4 year olds. They are definitely worth checking out if you haven't done so already.



answers from Detroit on

I would highly recommend Redeemer Preschool on Jefferson between 12 & 13 Mile. I sent both of my girls there and they were prepped for Kindergarten and loved the teachers. The teachers were nurturing and made the class fun everyday. It is a Christian based program and I just couldn't say enough good things about it. They don't do fieldtrips but that didn't bother me. Also, the class ratio is a little larger than your looking for, but they do have an aide. Good luck in your search!

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