Seekin Moms That Have Teenage Girls Who Dont Want to Listen to My Advice.

Updated on February 25, 2007
S.N. asks from Jonesville, NC
5 answers

i have 3 teenage daughters and my least one, who is 12 going on 20, she doesnt think that she that mom is right about anything especially about other girls her age. whe doesnt want to listen to me when i tell her that she cant walk to her friends home, which isnt that far,less than a mile but i worry about her walking alone. HELP!!! i for got to tell you that we live in a small town and even though it is a small town we have some bad places and what i men by bad places is there are drugs really out in the open and that is where my daughters friend lives. i know that the lil girl cant help whee she lives but i really dont want my daughter hanging out there but she doesnt understand why. she thinks that because her friend seems like a good lil girl doesnt mean that it is a good part of town. i have even told her that the lil girl can come over to our apt. but she says that i am boring. i wouls rather be boring than have to worry about her in that part of town. my daughter still insists that it is ok over where her friends lives but i know that part of town and other people have told her that she doesnt need to be there.

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answers from Norfolk on

I have 16 years old step-daughter who lives with us.
It was the hardest when she was 13-14 years old.
My counselor suggested this way.
When you want to tell daughter about something to do, don't say "you should do this" or "you can't do that", try to say like "I feel sad when you say that" "It makes me unconfortable when you do that" "It gives me fear if you walk down the street by yourself".
You are not telling daughter what to do, you are telling her how you feel about it. It worked for my step-daughter.



answers from Richmond on

What type of neighborhood do you live in? If you live in a fairly safe area it is time to cut the rope. She is almost a teenager and is testing the waters. If you keep her too close she is going to rebel and then you will have lost all control by the time she is 15 or 16. Just give her a little freedom. Allow her to walk to her friend's house just ask her to call you when she gets there.



answers from Raleigh on

i have twin 13 yr olds who are the same way.... it is a shame that they can't safely walk around like we always did when we were little.,....



answers from Charlottesville on

I have two teenage daughters, one just turned 13 and one is 15 and I too do not like them walking to friends houses even though the friends just live down the road. What I do is sit down with them and constantly talk to them about the dangers that are out there. We'll watch a show, like Oprah, Montel and sometimes (not very often due to the graphic nature) Dateline, that do have subject title's that stress my point. It's very hard raising teenagers today, there are more hidden dangers out there then when we were kids, so many more sick individuals just looking for an oppurtunity to grab a kid. As I tell my girls, these are my rules, if you want to go to your friends houses, my rules have to be followed, if not, then you will sit home and do nothing. I guess my advise is to really, really talk to your daughters of your concerns and stress the points that do scare you. Teenangers don't want to believe their parents have a brain in there head, nor do they think we were young once, it's just a given. Sometimes they do have to make mistakes to learn,(my daughter wouldn't listen when I told her not to dye her hair black, she was blonde, she didn't listen and dyed it black, I hated it, but I didn't state that fact, I just told her I could live with it, within a day, she was crying that she hated it and what could we do, we finally got it back to blonde and she has learned her lesson, and now doesn't think I'm to dumb in certain,Sometimes it's hard and scary to let them have their independence. Just really have a heart to heart with them, that's what I do. I hope everything works out for you.



answers from Charlotte on

Hello S.,
I have children that are soon to be teenagers so I am not sure if my advice is going to be helpful. I would suggest a disnehy mobile phone. (They don't have to have mickey ears as I am guessing that would be super un-cool) The deal with the disney mobile phones is that there is some type of GPS tracking chip and you can sit in front of your PC and see where the girls are at all times. My sister has teenagers and loves this, I know that some people would say this invading their privacy but there TEENAGERS, and research says their brains are not fully devloped yet which is why their choices sometimes are not the best?? I do agree with the other post's that you need to give them a little freedom now so they don't totally rebel against you. It sounds as though your health won't let you get around too much so I think better to give them a little freedom now so that they don't walk all over you or worse ignore you later. I hope you health improves and good luck! Let us know what you learn as my oldest will be a teenager in 2 years! Thanks,

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