Secrets of Conceiving a Girl

Updated on August 04, 2010
L.A. asks from Haslet, TX
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Ok moms, has anyone researched the do's/dont's of conceiving a girl? There is so much out there to read and do. I just wondered if anyone has had first hand experience on what works! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Zsmomma is right on. Husband and I employed this method and voila! I gave birth to a baby daughter. Good luck!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Read "How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby." It's a good book with good, factual, medical advice on how to do it. It worked for us! The key is to track your cycle for a few months and figure out when you're ovulating. You want to have sex 2-5 days prior to ovulation and then not at all for a few days right before, during and after ovulation (when chances of conceiving a boy are greatest). Good luck!

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answers from Wichita Falls on

i would suggest checking out the chinese gender predictor <- DO THIS FIRST. to get your lunar age because that is what the gender predictor uses.

then with you newly learned lunar age you can use this:

then try to concieve on the months that are for girls

It was right for my baby! it said i would have a girl. i also hear that is it 97% correct



answers from Chicago on

There really is no for sure way. And, for people that say such methods work, you have to think about the fact that there is a 50% chance of it "working". For as many people there are that say it works, there are probably just as many that say it doesn't. For the Chinese gender chart, it said I should have conceived a girl. Well, we conceived twin boys. There is some scientific basis to the Shettles Method, but even that is only about 60% accurate, which is silly since there's a 50% chance of having either one anyway. I'm really hoping for a girl next time, but the gender choice really isn't in our hands.


answers from Chicago on

Everything Melissa G said!

I can personally vouch for the Chinese Gender chart being wrong...twice, and the Shettles method working 50% of the time.
First child, we used Shettles, hoping for a boy, and got one.
Second child, we use Shettles, hoping for another boy, and got a girl.

So, sorry to say it, but nothing "works" for sure.



answers from Buffalo on

I have 3 kids , each pregnancy the Chinese calander predicted #1 boy #2 boy so for #3 I made sure to "Try" on a Girl predicted month. Then I followed the "Shettles Methos/Therory" and Guess what #3=Girl, YEAH!!!!!

Be forwarned my friend did the samething and because there has not been a girl in her husband's side for over 3 generations it was not in her cards. But for me it worked.



answers from Chico on

Like a couple others that answered, I tried the sex before ovulation and then nothing for the rest of the fertile period. It worked for me! If you are really regular it is much easier to predict your cycles!

Thinking pink for you! Good luck.



answers from Raleigh on

well we have 2 boys and I am 28 weeks preg with a girl. Besides the fact that I believe what is planned, planned for us.....looking back everything was different when we got preg with a girl. We got preg with our boys right during my ovulation, this time around it was 3 days after my period ended, so I thought there was no chance(we were not trying) Also it depends what your Hp levels are. I usually live on fruits and veggies, which makes your levels favorable for "boys", but this time around I was under a lot of stress, hardly eating, and when I did it was maybe 1 -1 1/2 of Golean Kashi bars a day(which is healthy chocolate). At the time I did not realize all of that, but now looking back it makes sense. You can look up online which food are good for acidic levels.

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