Secondary Infertility and Progesterone Problems?

Updated on September 17, 2010
J.B. asks from South Saint Paul, MN
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I have secondary infertility. I have not had any tests done yet, so I don't know what is causing it. However, from the 2 early m/c that I have had most people are saying that it sounds like low progesterone. So my question is... Can you have a normal pregnancy and then go on to have progesterone problems later on? Or I guess more like... Is it common? Also, what else could cause early pregnancy loss? I'm talking really early loss. Like implantation symptoms one day, faint positive pregnancy test and then BLOOD lots and lots of blood. I have bleeding the length of a normal period and then the next cycle comes like nothing happened.

Another question... Is there anything naturally I can do to help low progesterone? I know about NPC, but I wouldn't use that without a doctors help. Also, not using Vitex. I'm talking can I eat my way to higher(better) progesterone levels?

To add: Generally I'm very laid back and I eat decently well. I'm the right weight, exercise well and am happy. However, right now I'm going through one of the most emotional times of my life. My horse (whom I've had since I was a pre-teen) is failing and is going to be put down in the next few weeks. So, yes, my emotional state is less than ideal right now. However, these m/c were both very similar and one happened well before my boy was sick. That leads me to believe it did not cause the m/c.

Also, I am totally open to alternative/natural stuff. I just need my doctor on board. I won't go trying something she has said is not healthy and then expect her to play along with it.

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answers from Portland on

I empathize with you. I don't know the answers to any of your questions. If it makes a difference in answers, I suggest from your description that you've had what is called spontaneous abortions rather than miscarriages. A spontaneous abortion is caused by natural causes.

Your doctor is the best one to give you accurate and helpful answers.



answers from Boise on

If you are looking at natural alternatives, I would highly recommend consulting an acupuncturist trained in Chinese medicine. They can tell you what foods and herbs can help and also if they are good, will ask you how you deal with stress and how balanced your life is in general. I used to think that alternative medicine was only for weirdos but I tried it and it actually fixed my hormonal imbalances that had led to infertility.
Ask yourself do you eat a well balanced diet? Do you get enough sleep? Do you know how to relax and slow down? Do you know how to calm your mind down and feel peace? Do you have unresolved severe emotional baggage? All of these things directly affect your health.



answers from Omaha on

In my opinion having 2 M/C's does not mean that you are having issues. M/C are generally the bodies way of dealing with an issue. I had several misscarriages and they were not caused by fertility issues. As it turned out my husband and I were incompatible and after several tries we finally had our son. Talk to your Dr before making assumptions that the m/c's were nothing more than your body making the correct choice for it.



answers from Minneapolis on

I did have challenges with my progesterone being too low after having my first child. I had a miscarriage with my second pregnancy even though I was receiving progesterone shots. I took Prometrium, progesterone that you take soon after you may conceive to help the baby implant, with my third pregnancy. I also had to have progesterone shots until I was 5 months along with my third pregnancy and had another healthy girl. I've also had to have progesterone shots with my fourth pregnancy until a couple of weeks ago. I'm due in 5 weeks.
I see that someone mentioned Naprotechnology. They are very familiar with that technology at Aalfa Family Clinic in White Bear Lake. If I didn't go to them, I probably wouldn't have been able to have more children than my first. They have helped me keep my last few pregnancies because they have monitored me closely.
I'm sorry to hear about your horse. Being under that kind of stress doesn't help you either.



answers from Madison on

We have a 4 and a half year old daughter who was born in 2006, and was conceived with no trouble at all when I was 31. In October 2007 we started trying for our second and had a positive pregnancy test in December followed shortly by a very early miscarriage. I demanded a progesterone test with the next cycle and my levels were low - I think it was 5.8. My OB said this was within normal range which contradicted everything I read on the internet. Nonetheless, we kept trying for a couple more months with no luck. I finally insisted on progesterone supplements, taking them starting right after ovulation, and got pregnant the first month! In addition to our daughter, we now have a son who is nearly 2 years old! I used 25 mg suppositories compounded in cocoa butter, but as I understand it prometrium should be even more effective. Just wanted to share my success story with you - I hope it will work for you as well! By the way, I switched OBs as soon as I found out I was pregnant! If I hadn't interfered with the "treatment" they suggested, I would probably still be trying to get pregnant! Good luck!


answers from Minneapolis on

Please know that you are not alone. We had 600 women tested for progesterone levels. 595 women had zero, 2 were pregnent, and three had some but not enough.

We use Progessence +, an amazing serum that has been scientifically develpoed over seven years. Dr Dan Purser is a leading expert and has formulated the 100% naturally derived, micronized progesterone. It is coupled with amazing oils to aid in even, predictable absorbtion.

Women are feeling what it's like to have a normal hormone balance. Fertility improvement is one of the awesome plusses. Add in major relief for moodiness, cramping, migraines, pre/post menopausal issues and the list has been growing. If you'd like to see more info try,



answers from Lincoln on

I was in your shoes a year ago. My daughter was conceived while I was on the pill so we never expected to have problems when trying for baby #2. I had three early miscarriages, all between 5 and 6 weeks and the doctor could never figure out why. I had SO many blood tests that I was surprised I had any blood left ;-) My husband and I even did genetic testing and again, everything looked perfect. For no reason we can understand, I am now 32 weeks along! What is weird is that when this one was conceived, we had just found out that we were moving to a new state and my husband would be away from us for five weeks before my daughter and I would be able to move to be with him. I am still shocked that an unborn baby could thrive during that stressful time, especially when the other times I was pregnant, life was easy!
You may want to talk to your doctor about taking a baby aspirin each day and/or vitamins B6 and B12. A friend who went through a similar situation suggested it and my doctor said "It can't hurt and it may help"...and here I am due in 8 weeks.
Good luck - you'll be in my prayers!


answers from Sioux City on

I had some of what you're talking about. I had my three older children and then had two children die and then had our youngest. My children who passed away were 16weeks and 31 weeks. To be honest, we had decided to not have any more and that I was going to become as healthy as I could. I figured that it was normal for a woman to be able to carry a child to full term and not normal to not be able to. Therefore their must be something unhealthy about me. I went back to my OB that uses Naprotechnology, as form of tracking a woman's cycle or hormonal changes. They found that I had an infection that went totally undetected, my progesterone was low, and that I had a thyroid issue that also was overlooked. In the end I found myself pregnant with my youngest. She is the best surprise gift I have ever received. I had to supplement my progesterone and my T3. I went back to my old OB and asked him to work with my OB that uses Naprotechnology or at the very least respect his medical processes because I needed someone local to deliver the baby. I am so thankful everyone agreed to work together because had I not had the Napro. Doctor's practice I would have lost this baby also.

I don't know of any diet that would increase your progesterone. Mine was so low that I had to take injections twice a week for nearly the entire pregnancy. Most doctors will only test for progesterone in the first trimester and not after that. Had I followed normal procedure, my daughter would not have made it. I could feel my progesterone begin to drop and I would begin to go into labor.

I would recommend finding a doctor that is trained in Naprotechnology. I was fortunate enough that the Doctor who created the technique is only an hour and a half away. After a couple of visits, most observations and blood work can be done using any local lab and sending the information in through emails.

You can look up the web page. Dr Hilgers is the doctor at the Pope Paul the VI Institute. He has been training doctors for years from all over the world.

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