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Updated on June 28, 2011
L.P. asks from Uniontown, PA
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Hi ladies.

I'm on the cusp of needing maternity clothes. I have a few stragglers left from my pregnancy (6 years ago) with my son, but I was thinner when I got pregnant with him, so some of them are fitting me now, but probably won't when I'm several months in. I was thinking of shopping our local thrift stores for some maternity clothes. Wondering if any of you have had any success finding NICE/GOOD maternity clothes at second hand store? My thinking is that we wear these clothes for such a short period of time, that the ones I find may (hopefully) be gently used and in good condition? I don't want to do ebay or craigslist, because I have no idea on sizes. I need to be able to SEE the item in person before I buy it.

We live in really small town, and our area is pretty depressed economically. So we don't have "high end" thrift stores, if there is such a thing... so I'm not real optimistic that our stores will have much, but I do plan to look around... Do you think it would be worth it to drive to a "nicer area" and peruse their thrift stores? Just a thought...

Have you had any success finding NICE maternity clothes at second hand stores? (Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc.)

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So What Happened?

I have thought about looking at yard sales...

My problem is that there aren't even many actual stores around us that sell maternity clothes... Target, Kmart, well, that's all I can even think of! LOL I got most of my stuff at Motherhood Maternity last time, but it's not cheap, and I was just looking to kind of stay on the low end of cost this time around. I like Old Navy's maternity clothes, but our store doesn't sell maternity in the store. I'd have to order, then I'm back to the size thing... I really prefer to see things in person/try them on first. But I will order some if I have no other choice. I don't often shop at thrift stores, generally because I rarely find anything I like that's in my size. I know it's always a hit or miss thing, and to get the good items, you kind of have to shop often. My aunt frequents our local thrift shops and always finds great things, but she goes often. I guess that's the key.

I do plan to look, and hopefully I'll at least find a few things... what I don't find, I'll have to go buy elsewhere!

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answers from Salt Lake City on

I actually got several of my clothes this time on Ebay! I just googled Motherhood Maternity and my size (because motherhood is my favorite brand). I got shirts and capri's for like $3/each.

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answers from Dallas on

I don't know if you have a ROSS where you live but they have really cheap maternity clothes there and they are not second hand. Also I have found some at garage sales, If you have any half priced or thrift stores around you they will have some as well.

Happy hunting.

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answers from Provo on

i got pretty much all my clothes at thrift stores here. there were a lot that were old at thrift stores so you do have to do some searching. try where you are at first. if that does not work try another area. good luck


i got pretty much all my clothes at thrift stores here. there were a lot that were old at thrift stores so you do have to do some searching. try where you are at first. if that does not work try another area. good luck

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I say go for it, what can it hurt? I have found clothes at goodwill that still had the store tags on them, never worn. You may be surprised at what you can find. If nothing else you can buy bigger regular size clothes that will fit you later on. :)

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answers from Spokane on

Oh, L. ~ I wish I still had all mine, I'd send them to you!!
But to answer your question, yes, I found a lot of great stuff at 2nd hand maternity stores. The one here is called "other mothers". I found coats and work clothes and some very casual stuff for lounging around.
*Old Navy also has some very reasonable maternity clothes and you can shop on-line!*

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answers from St. Louis on

Have you tried Once Upon A Child? There is one in Pittsburg, PA. I'm not sure how far that is from you. I also got several items from our Goodwill with the tags from the store STILL on them. Great deals. I would go look it's not going to hurt anything to look. Also most thrift stores have a special section for maternity clothing.

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answers from Youngstown on

Well we have one thrift store in our town and they never had any maternity clothes. Do you have Marc's stores around you? I bought tons of Liz Lange Maternity clothes from there for cheap! They must have had a deal with Target. You could also shop the clearance in the maternity section of whatever stores in your mall carry maternity clothes. I would drive to the other town to check out the thrift stores there. It would be worth it if you can't really afford clearance. You could make a day out if it with your 6yo if it's a far drive.

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answers from Kansas City on

Have you tried yard sales? Alot of people in our town sell them at their yard sales. In fact I just had all of mine in ours 2 weekends ago, they were all pretty much scooped up within hours.

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answers from Chicago on

I bought my winter maternity clothes this last time on craigslist! Got 2 huge bags for about $150 :) was great! I didn't need winter stuff with my first two but this one was a May baby so I needed them! Just meet the person in a public place or take someone with you... I would never go alone to someone's house! Best!

Edit: kohl's sells maternity clothes too if you have one by you!

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answers from Bloomington on

I'd even check Ebay and Craigslist! I got most of mine at Kohls on sale, but also got some at Target and KMart.

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answers from Boston on

I saw you wrote that you liked Old Navy's clothes for maternity, but even if you can't find them in the store, go online and order some! They have a better selection online anyway. You really can't beat the prices. I agree that Motherhood is overpriced! I'd also check out Craigslist like someone else suggested. Good luck! Congrats!

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answers from Dallas on

I found maternity clothes at a childrens 2nd hand store. If you can find a store that is mainly a childrens resale - ours is actually called "childrens resale" they should have a maternity section. I have also found a maternity section at a plus size resale shop - ours is actually called "plus size resale" lol

I would suggest you buy some new clothes that you can wear afterward - for instance, there are a ton of flowy summer dresses out right now. They are fitted around the bust and then just yards of fabric. Get it a little big to make room for the girls. Anything with an empire waist and a lot of flowy fabric will work and then you will still look cure in them after the baby comes. I went to the maternity store in the mall and bought a few of the tshirts and a couple pair of capris pants. They even have clearance. Spent maybe $40 That more than got me through. The tshirts really were a godsend. They fit so comfortably, no matter how big you get.

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