Second Halloween Costume for school...ideas, Please!

Updated on October 14, 2013
E.M. asks from Chicago, IL
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I just bought my son a Darth Vader costume for Halloween, which he's excited to wear. The next day, a note came home from his school saying there would be a costume parade on Halloween. Here are the rules: no masks, no weapons, nothing too scary, no "blood". The kids can bring the costumes to school and change after their morning lessons, so the kids have to be able to get into their costumes without help. (These are first graders.)

I have no problem with any of the rules. I just have to come up with a second costume for him to wear in the little school parade b/c Darth Vader is out (mask/light saber). I don't want to spend much, if anything.

Any ideas for something fun, that fits the bill?

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answers from Chicago on

Have him wear the costume sans mask and weapon to school. That's what I did the year my son was Darth Vader. I was not about to buy a second costume!

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answers from San Francisco on

My son and his friends just wore their costumes without the masks & weapons, they didn't really care. Boys are pretty awesome that way, it's the girls (and moms) who worry about the full ensemble LOL!

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answers from New York on

I can understand the no weapons, but no masks? That seem silly to me.

Can he wear the Darth Vader costume without the mask? That's what my kid would do.

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answers from Santa Barbara on

Could he put the helmet on his head and not his face...Oh wait, he's a first grader. Could you trust him with the mask and keep the light saber home?

I would still use the Darth Vader. I think he is mainstream enough to not be too scary (bloody zombie and slinderman for a first grader would be scary).

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answers from San Francisco on

Why do you need a second costume? At our school weapons and masks are not allowed either so the kids just leave them at home. They still get to wear them trick or treating, it's no big deal.

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answers from Washington DC on

Go to a thrift store, they have tons of stuff for little money. You'll get ideas just looking.

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answers from Chicago on

does he play a sport of any kind? baseball, soccer etc? my kids usually used those for the costume.



answers from Philadelphia on

I wouldn't spend $ on a second costume just so my child can march around the school for a few minutes. Kind of wasteful. Like other people suggested, last years costume or put together hats and whatever that he already has. My kids are wearing what they did last year. We got rained out and I think its silly to spend money for something they will only wear a day. One year when my son was 2, I had him go out in his skeleton pajamas, so if you can find something like that in your son's size, he gets an extra pair of PJ's for the fall!



answers from Honolulu on

A bug.
Using one of those headbands with springy pom-poms on the top, like antennas. Then, get some wings. Which many stores have.
And he can wear green.
Easy to put on and to take off.

Or he can just wear a fun wig. Kiddie type.
And clashing mismatched clothing.



answers from Washington DC on

My son was Darth Vader for Halloween last year. We just went without the mask and light saber for the school parade. Everyone knew who he was supposed to be.


answers from Jacksonville on

Make him a spider.

I did it for my son when he was in K4, and my daughter reused the costume later when she was older.

Just get a long sleeved black Tshirt and black sweatpants. Then 2 pairs of black tights. You will stuff the legs of the tights with stuffing (I think I used quilting stuff, but you could use a bunch of black socks or other material if you wanted).
You will need to play around and see how it looks... I can't remember if I ended up cutting the legs off or using it whole. But you also stuff the hip/waist portion of the tights and shape that into a big oval (the spider's "body" or abdomen or whatever it's called). Attach the "body" and the legs to the back of the Tshirt. Between the 4 legs on the tights and your son's arms and legs (in black T shirt and black pants) it makes 8 legs. Voila! Spider.

The kids loved it.

He could just take it in a bag and switch shirts when it's time to change.



answers from Chicago on

just have him do Darth Vador without the mask and light saber, he's still totally recognizable as who it is. All the kids will know, don't go wasting money on a second costume. As far as the little kids being able to get into the costumes on their own, he'll have someone there to fasten the back of it up, the little grades usually have extra volunteers for this exact reason.



answers from Cleveland on

could he wear last years costume?
or borrow one from a friend for the day.

as for using the darth vader costume at home for trick or treating--
how is he going to see through a darth vader mask in the dark at night anyways??? I always wonder about people that buy those, do they just do indoor treat or treat events and not house to house?



answers from Oklahoma City on

Hobo, clown, scarecrow, cowboy, pirate, anything that is a costume where he doesn't have to wear anything complicated.

Hobo, scruffy looking face if you want to do that before school, stick with a bag tied on the end. Overalls or baggy pants ans tacky ragged looking shirt.

Scarecrow, stick some rafia on the edges of an old flannel shirt and stitch it on. It can be inside the cuffs, maybe a couple of strands along the button front, etc... He can put it on over his school shirt. Hat with a tiny bit of rafia tacked or glued to the back side to look like a bit of straw has come out of the back. Have his draw a couple of triangles on his cheeks and put a couple of dots for freckles.

Clown wig, bigger shoes, some suspenders, a big nose.

Pirate, big white shirt, long skinny red scrap of fabric used tied as a sash, pirate hat OR bandanna tied on the back of his head, eye patch, one single skull/skeleton earring.

Cowboy, hat, boots, jeans, western shirt or old flannel shirt, belt with some holsters but no guns, etc....

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