Second Car Seat That Is Plane Friendly.

Updated on November 19, 2007
B.V. asks from Chicago, IL
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I am looking for a a car seat for our second car that will also be slim and lightweight enough to be convenient on the plane. We have a small car with limited space in the back, so size is a big factor, even if we didn't take the seat on the plane. We're taking a 15 hour nonstop flight to India, so I want something comfortable. I think our Evenflo Triumph, which we use in our primary car, will be too big for airplane use. Since this car seat won't get too much use, I'm also looking for something on the inexpensive side. Our son is 16 months old, on the skinny side, but tall for his age, which seems to rule out the Graco ComfortSport Any recommendations?

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I would recommend Britax because all of their carseats are plane-approved. They are also very comfortable--we had to return a Cosco Alpha Omega Elite because my daughter cried hysterically the few times we put her in it. She loves her Britax, though. We have the Marathon model because my daughter is tall and on the slim side, but the Roundabout is smaller and also works for her. I have a friend who has the Marathon in her SUV and the Roundabout in her 2-door Chevy Cavalier, which is a small car. She says it fits great. Either way, though, you should know that you can go to Babies R Us and try out the carseats in your car without buying them --you can just talk to them in the front.

Also, Fisher-Price also has a model, the Safe Voyage, that is actually made by Britax but is much cheaper.

Finally, I wanted to mention that Albee Baby ( seems to have the best prices on Britax and other gear. They also usually offer free shipping.



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We just took the carseat from my mom's car on the plane. It is a Cosco Scenera that she got at Target. It is inexpensive, yet safe, and it actually fit in the airplane seat. We didn't even have to put the arm rests up. The seat stayed completely in her seat. We have the Evenflo Triumph for our car, and I shudder to think about a 2 hour flight (let alone 15) wedged in-between that beast and my very tall and broad shouldered husband. I honestly don't know if I would fit.



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HI B.,

While I can't help with carseats.... I can tell you that when I was looking for one I went into I think its also now and several merged together.
Anyway, go into the community forums, there is one for carseat information.
Those women are ridiculously knowledgeable on the subject.

Let me know if you get some help there, I did.




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Whatever you get, make sure it is FAA approved. We brought our Graco one for a trip and found out it was not approved so dd had to sit without a carseat and we checked the carseat into baggage! She was almost two, so a bit older than your ds, she did fine sitting with just the lapbelt or on our laps. Our flight was only 3 hours though!! We had a DVD player with earphones, it kept her occupied most of the trip. Good luck!

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