Second Baby Coming in July. What Do I Need?

Updated on March 09, 2011
R.S. asks from Plano, TX
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Hi Mommies-of-more-than-one,

My son will be 3 plus about 3 months when he becomes a big brother this July. I'm trying to figure out what I need and what I don't need in the way of equipment. We already have all the basics of course like a swing, a bathtub, etc, but I'm trying to figure out what kind of double-kid stuff I might not be thinking of. Like for example the stroller issue. We have a snap 'n go for the infant carrier stage, we have a bigger stroller that the carrier snaps into that matches it and is great for when he outgrows the infant carrier but isn't ready for a less sturdy one, and I have an umbrella stroller that we use now IF we ever use one at all. My son very rarely gets in a stroller anymore unless we're on an all-day kind of outing or if I'm running through the mall and I just need him to read a book and not run around too much. He is very active and independent and prefers to walk on his own. But will i regret not having a double stroller or a sit 'n stand? Any tips or suggestions on the stroller question and any suggestions for anything else I will need to manage a baby plus a toddler would be super helpful. THANK YOU MOMMIES!!!

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answers from Chicago on

A sling or infant carrier that you wear would be very helpful. That's the one thing I don't have now that I plan on getting this summer (baby #3 is coming with two and a half year old twins).

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answers from Eugene on

My sons are exactly 3 years 3 months apart. I bought a beautiful double stroller at a garage sale just in case we wanted it (it was a great deal!)...but we tried it once and it was a giant pain in the butt. We have a sling that we use a lot but other than that we haven't really used much of anything (our baby is 4 months old). I don't think you'll regret not getting a double stroller. By the way, I think this is an amazing age split. My 3 year old had completely embraced big brotherhood and watching him with the baby just makes my heart sing!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I'm so glad I skipped the double stroller. My three year old rarely uses one. Just get a good baby wearing device ( i used the Ergo baby) and between that and one stroller you should be fine with a baby and a toddler. We were at Sea World and I loved how when toddler walked we had baby in stroller and when big sister needed a stroller ride, we wore baby. Same thing with grocery store, big sister in cart, baby in the Ergo.

For summer baby I loved the Aiden and Anias muslin swaddlers. So far I have not had to double up on anything but to buy extra crib sheets and mattress covers.

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answers from Jacksonville on

I suppose it depends a lot on how much you plan to be taking both kiddos out by yourself. Your son sounds a lot like mine. We RARELY used any type of stroller with him, b/c he fought so hard... he just preferred to be on his feet. He was walking at 10.5 months, and preferred to keep it that way, lol. He didn't like being carried much either. So I didn't bother getting a double when his sister was born. He turned 3 yrs 19 days after she was born. So he was slightly younger than your son will be. And I never regretted not having a double stroller. He preferred to walk, and I just made him either hold my hand, or hold onto the stroller, or shopping cart or whatever. If we went to an amusement park or something, hubby was with me to help, and it was never an issue with just the one regular stroller to carry all our stuff. A sit'n stand MIGHT have been helpful, but it might've just been more work, too. (I'm assuming they are a little bulkier).

Now, if you are a power walker or something where you take both kids for long distances regularly, then I would think you need something. Otherwise... you will probably be just as good without. Your son will be 4 in the blink of an eye. And then he'll be helping PUSH the stroller, lol.

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answers from Rochester on

I bought a double stroller from someone through CraigsList for about $20 and am very glad I did. I am due with my third today and still use the double for my 4-year-old and 2-year-old sometimes for walks to the park (it is easier to strap them both in when it is time to leave and they are too tired to walk) or if I just need to get out the house and do NOT feel like chasing them. My oldest is really too big, but I do it out of desperation. I found myself using the baby sling the most with my second as an infant and the single stroller for the older one (he was 20 months old when he became a big brother). I would probably recommend just getting a reasonable used double stroller if you're not sure.

We used the pack-n-play a lot with the second but didn't use it for the first. It was nice to have a safe place for the baby to be so the toddler could run amok without me worrying about anything.

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answers from Cumberland on

Let the three year old grow up-and sub as fabulous, loving, nanny -type sibling-who can fetch diapers and wipes and such!

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answers from Dallas on

My kids are 3yr and 3 mo apart. I had my eldest try out the strollers I found many moms say they liked. I ended with the Joovy sit and stand. it's the one that weighs the least and is about $215. WELL worth it. It's easy to maneuver (one handed if need!) and LOVE it when going through doors since it does unlike some double sided strollers. Other than a stroller I purchased clothes (I have 2 girlies so i made myself buy a couple of real cute ones) and a good diaper bag. I didn't spend for my first one and it showed. I also bought more nipples, a bib and a first toy. Make sure you also get a special gift for your son. He'll need to feel special also on the day your little one arrives. I got a camera so mine could take pics too. Coloring books just as good i found too!



answers from Dallas on

On the strolle topic, I would wait until your second is born and decide then. My oldest but 17 days away from being 3 when my youngest was born. I went back and forth with the double stroller struggle, we decided to wait. It turns out that we didnt need one. We just used two small stroller when needed for a long outing.



answers from Spokane on

My first was 20 months when my second was born and we only used our double stroller a handful of times. I say don't worry about it.

I second the baby sling. It's tough to meet the needs of both an active toddler and a new baby, but *wearing* your baby allows the baby to be 'held' and close while keeping your hands free.

Double-check the expiration date on your infant seat. Most are good for 5+ years, but you don't want to be caught with an expired seat (especially if - God forbid - you were to get into an accident).


answers from Detroit on

I borrowed a sit and stand and was sooo glad I was able to try it out and not WASTE my own money on one. Hard to manuver and my 4 year old wanted to walk or sit and my 1.5 year old wanted to stand defeating the whole purpose. It was more of a pain than a help. Couldn't wait to return it!


answers from Columbus on

We spent a lot of time & effort picking out a sit & stand stroller, and even took our son to the store to see if he liked it and would ride on it. Then once the baby came, he decided that strollers are for babies and refuses to sit on the darn thing! He would much rather walk. It's still nice to have for the extra storage underneath (2 kids = 5 times more gear) but we could have saved our money! So far the only time we've used it how it's meant to be used is at the mall, when he hadn't finished his lunch, he sat on the back of the stroller for about 15 minutes while I finished my shopping. Other than that, we could have done fine without it.



answers from Tampa on

Double stroller.... NO. Not really needed. What you need to do now is SLEEP! LOL! Good luck! You will LOVE being a Mommy of 2! Never thought it would be possible for me to love another child as much as I did my 1st, but I was WAY wrong! Now I have 4. LOL!
Get some rest now while you can, get you 1st excited about being a new big brother. He will have an important "job" I actually had some little gifts at home for my oldest to open whenever we got a gift for the new baby so the oldest never felt left out. Just in the beginning. (I didn't carry this over for real long though) They do have to learn that others can be celebrated while it's not their turn, just not the 1st few months. There will be enough new things going on, and your big boy will be learning to share Mom and Dad. As far as the "stuff" needed, I say you probably have what you need already. Wing it, and when the baby comes if a need arises you will figure it out. I had sooooo many unneccesary items that were wasted and NEVER used. SO sad and a waste of money. Enjoy your time for now. Congrats!! :)

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