Seborrheic Dermatitis of the Scalp

Updated on August 11, 2016
T.D. asks from New York, NY
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and impetigo. dd has both. dr prescribed a medicated shampoo for her but its not covered by insurance and was extremely expensive. so dr said to skip the shampoo and soak the area in coconut oil and gently shampoo with baby shampoo. dr gave her a medaicate cream for the impetigo (which ds also has and got first)
has anyone had experience with either issue? will the coconut oil work? i have been reading up on cases and most are adults that have tried every dandruff shampoo and got no relief. i am hoping that i can rid her of it and keep it away without too many harsh chemicals or medications.

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So What Happened?

no nut allergies but thanks for the warning, i hadn't thought of that. so far were trying the coconut oil and baby shampoo like dr suggested, the dead skin flakes have come off but the skin is still red and unhappy. after a few days i will see if aloe straight from the plant helps the healing. she is a picky eater and i think this is a factor.

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answers from Portland on

Oil and fine tooth soft comb (I had a little baby one that was pretty gentle) should help. Did for us. Not had the impetigo.

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answers from San Francisco on

Yes, oil will work better than dandruff shampoo. Olive oil works as well. Let it sit on her scalp for at least 1/2 hr., maybe an hour, and then shampoo vigorously. Combing it while the oil is still on, as suggested below, is even better.

It may take 3 or so applications, but the oil works.

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answers from Anchorage on

My kid has had issues with his scalp since birth, he is now 10. When he gets patches we soak them for about 30 minutes with oil (olive, coconut, baby, doesn't matter) and then use a soft cloth to work the scabs off. After that he will use a natural bore bristle brush to deflake his scalp before each shower to keep the spots at bay. He uses an OTC medicated shampoo (blue stuff) once or twice a week. As long as we keep up with this approach he gets spots very rarely.

Impetigo is caused by a bacteria, it is highly contagious but there cream your doctor gave you should help. Lots of hand washing until it is all cleared up.

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answers from Norfolk on

This is something that never quite goes away.
It comes and goes and comes back.
When you find something that works - it only works for a few weeks - so you have to rotate between several things every so often.
It's worse in winter - I don't know if it's the lack of sunshine or being more covered up or dry air but summer seems to be the season it eases up the most.
Try dissolving a few un coated aspirin in the bit of shampoo she washes her hair with.
The extra salicylic acid sometimes helps with the flaky scalp.
Washing less often - the theory that your hair won't be as greasy if you don't wash it as often - doesn't work - I've been there, tried it, you just get greasy dandruff and limp oily hair.
Try a topical anti fungal every so often - not all dandruff is the same and you might suffer from different types at different times.
You can also try rinsing your hair/scalp with vinegar (some swear apple cuder vinegar is better than plain white but I've never noticed a difference - either works the wame for me) after you wash it.
The Dr sounds like he thinks this is more like cradle cap - that's why you soak flakes loose with coconut oil or olive oil and then wash it out.
It helps shed sticky flakes but doesn't keep the flakes from coming back.



answers from Rochester on

Avoid coconut oil if there is a chance of tree nut allergies. Coconut is considered a tree nut.



answers from Oklahoma City on

I would try Tea Tree Oil. It smells better to me. Coconut oil makes my face itch if I rub it on anyone else or touch it with even a finger. But I'm not allergic to coconut...go figure...

I have patches of super dry thickened skin on several places on my body. I use Vaseline on them, morning dab is tiny and nighttime dab is thicker and rubbed in a lot more. I sometimes use Mentholatum if it's especially itchy or peeling too.

I have a couple of small spots on my face and in my hair.

I stopped using shampoo and my scalp spots completely cleared up. I don't itch or have peeling sections anymore. I use Dove conditioner for dry hair. It's the one that has dark blue words and stuff on a white bottle.

I wet my hair and put an amount of conditioner in the palm of my hand. I work it in my hair just like I would shampoo. I scrub the scalp and comb out the tangles and all that I would do normally with shampoo then conditioner. But I only use conditioner twice. No shampoo.

I challenge you to just try it. Rub the conditioner into your scalp and rub it around like it was shampoo. Then rinse well.

See if it works. My hair is softer and just as healthy if not healthier than it was before. I sure don't miss the itchy flakey dry spots that would often bleed when I just brushed my hair.

I haven't used shampoo for several YEARS now. I don't know that I ever will go back to using it either.


answers from Chicago on

Any kind of oil will work. My son has had this for years. No matter what we do, it keeps coming back. And while treating it (leave the oil on overnight), he looks like a little greaseball and dirty at school. He's 8 now, and has had this since infancy.

I've given up. He said it doesn't hurt and you can't see it under his hair. The pediatric dermatologist said it would go away eventually.



answers from Sacramento on

Have you tried Pine Tar Soap? I think there's also a pine tar soap with neem oil. good luck!

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