Searching for Double Stroller That Fits Chicco Infant Carrier

Updated on August 17, 2009
F.B. asks from Overland Park, KS
7 answers

I have the Chicco travel system which we used for my first child and we have #2 on the way. From my research it looks like the Chicco infant carrier does not fit in any double strollers and Chicco does not have a double stroller that fits an infant carrier. I did contact Chicco and there is one stroller that is compatible, but I'm not crazy about it. Has anyone else come across this problem? Are there any other double strollers that fit the Chicco infant carrier? Thank you!!

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answers from Kansas City on

You might try one of the Sit & Stand strollers. My older daughter was three when my little one was born and we love our Sit & Stand. You can buckle the older one in on the seat. We use ours all of the time. My 4-year-old gets upset when we don't take the Sit & Stand and she has nowhere to ride (I wish I had a place to ride too!).

We got the one that is sold at Target or Walmart (don't remember) as the back seat it larger, but Babies R Us also sells them. Make sure if you go to Babies R Us that you get the one with the adapter for the infant seat. They will fit basically ANY baby carrier.



answers from St. Louis on

Agreed... Joovy Sit N Stand Tandum Stroller. Love it.



answers from Wichita on

I use the Baby Trend Sit N Stand. It has a bar that can be adjusted to fit just about any seat on the market. I really like this stroller a lot.
I had a slightly different model, but they have several options and I have no idea what makes them different!



answers from St. Louis on

I don't know of a stroller specifically, but you could bring your Chicco carrier with you to Babies R Us & try the seat on the strollers they have up on display. That way you can see which strollers it fits on. Some strollers fit many brands of carriers other than the Graco carriers.

It's worth a try. (Most BRU woul dhave Chicco baby carriers there so you probably wouldn't need to bring your carrier w/you.)

Happy Searching!



answers from Kansas City on

Hi F., I had the exact same situation and I found the Joovy Caboose Sit-n-stand,
We also have the Chicco travel system and this works great with it. We love it! My daughter just turned 2 when my son was born and we used it from day one. Hope this helps!



answers from Springfield on

Have you tried the Babytrend Sit-n-Stand Deluxe? Not sure if it fits the chicco, but it's a good double stroller with a unique seat for the older child. Just an idea. I wasn't sure if you had considered this one since it's not a traditional double stroller.



answers from St. Louis on

Baby Trend's Sit and Stand stroller works with the Chicco Key Fit infant seat.

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