Sciatic Nerve Pain at 11 Weeks Pregnant

Updated on July 18, 2011
A.W. asks from Lake Lure, NC
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should the baby be able to press on the nerve in my hip/leg/pelvic region at 11 weeks? or could there be something else causing it? i remember with my first child (this is #2) he would put pressure there in he third trimester and i know this is the nerve because it is very different from round ligament pain and is just like when my son was on that nerve. i couldnt find anything online about it for my stage in pregnancy so i thought i would ask. i dont see my doc for another 3 weeks and i dont think this is serious enough to call her about but i would like some answers. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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So What Happened?

i went to the chiro and he said my hip joint and a couple vertebrae were "stuck" and when i went to the doc yesterday the baby is sitting on the side where i get the nerve pain so maybe its a combo of both idk

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answers from Kansas City on

Ditto on mw's response. The last three week of my pregnancy I couldn't walk due to such severe Sciatic pain. I have dealt with it for the last three years. When I got to about 26 weeks in this second pregnancy the pain was starting to become unbearable. Even though I have seen a chiropractor for last two years she wasn't helping. Went to a new chiropractor who specializes in women and pregnancy. She relieved a lot of my pain wig one adjustment, and trigger point therapy. Said my pelvis was way out of alignment. Don't wait. Find a specialist who can help. I think a lot if ob's discount women's pain bc so many have discomfort.

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I am not pregnant but I have been suffering with mine too. I started putting ice on it and it really helped. I also agree the chiropractor will help too. Mine didn't stem from my back but my butt thank goodness.

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answers from Atlanta on

Hi A.,

If you have a chiropractor now would be the time to see him! If you don't go to and find one in your area. It will not only help with your pain but it is good for the health of you baby as well. Chiropractic care is essential in keeping your immune system at it's optimum and will keep your pregnancy healthy as well.

God bless and congratulations!

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I had a lot of pain all the time with my third. I spent a lot of time in the chiropractor's office getting an adjustment or a massage.

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I had the same problem with my second pregnancy. I thought it was one of those pregnancy things that would go away when the baby was born. Boy, was I wrong. Since I didn't take care of it and let it fester, it really ticked off all the nerves. I ended up dealing with it for 2 years after the baby was born. I ended up going to a chiropractor, orthopedist and physical therapist to fix it. They all said the same thing - if I had taken care of it early on with chiropratic care and stretching exercises, I never would have ended up in as bad of shape. Go to the chripractor NOW!!!

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Head to the chiropractor! Find one that specializes in women and children. We LOVE ours! I had the same issues while pregnant and they helped me every time.

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I doubt its the baby, more like your posture. Maybe go get an adjustment at the chiropractor.

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it started early for me too. My doctor said to get a maternity belt, which I got from Motherhood Maternity. It was just elastic and velcro, but it was great and I wore it my whole pregnancy, practically. I remember asking her how something the size of a peanut could be causing that much random pain and she said it just happens that way sometimes.


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I had a TON of sciatic issues in my first trimester! I didn't even know I was pregnant, so I just thought I was having back problems. It got so bad, I thought I would have some serious long term effects but it all went away. You will be fine- some babies are just big movers! :)



answers from Seattle on

Every little pain and symptom can occur earlier with subsequent pregnancies. Get to the chiropractor!


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No, I don't think it's possible for such a tiny baby to apply enough pressure to your sciatic nerve. I get sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy, as well as other times. It's very likely something else causing it. Have you tried a chiropractor?



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I had a little bit of that in my first trimester as well, I think it's just from your hips and stuff adjusting and making room for what is to come. I did a lot of yoga that helped. Cat/cow stretches really helped me a lot. And sleeping with a pillow between my knees also helped.

Good luck and congrats!



answers from Los Angeles on

get a tennis ball and position it under the hip that hurts and lay on it! im not joking it helps. its not comfortable but its better then being in pain. i had this issue since pregnant with my daughter whos 4 and my sis in law told me about the tennis ball last year and its a god send!



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I had major hip/back pain with both my kids in the first trimester. It got better, and then came back...of course! ;) My doctor said it wasn't so much from the baby at that early time it was more from my body that was adjusing, moving, and widening to make room for baby and that caused issue. He offered to send me to a physical therapist, but I didn't end up doing that. It sure hurt though, so I feel you!



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i dont know the real answer to this but heres my thinking. after the first baby everything gets stretched out so it is possable that the baby is on your nerve already. just my 2 cents :)


answers from Chicago on

I had sciatic nerve pain with my second that never went away completely. I still have issues with it. Having a third made it even worse.


answers from Hartford on

It's not the baby doing it. For me, it was one of the first signs of being pregnant. It just... happened. But for me it might be different than for others because of Fibromyalgia, but my OB/GYN always gave me the impression that it was considered a normal "one of those pregnancy things" that happens to a lot of women. It can be hormonal, if I'm not mistaken.

I already had sciatic pain from back problems due to long years in retail, so I still get sciatic pain when my Fibro flares up.



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I also had sciatic pain early in my pregnancy (before 12 weeks b/c I remember it was before we wanted to tell people about the pregnancy). It felt like shooting or pinching pains in my buttock! My OB said it was normal. Mine flared up mostly when trying to stand after sitting for a while. It went away by the second trimester and didn't come back in the third.


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Go ahead and call your OB and see if they have a sheet of stretching exercises for sciatic nerve pain you can Pick up awhile! Mine did and they helped A LOT! You can get the pain at different stages...I got it late 2nd trimester and early third. I have friends who have had it early and for a long time. Good luck!

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