Sciatic Nerve Inury and Pregnancy

Updated on July 04, 2013
E.D. asks from Bellflower, CA
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Has anyone else out there injurred their sciatic nerve during pregnancy/labor/delivery? When I gave birth to my now 6-month-old daughter, my leg was left numbish and extremely week. It was so bad that I couldn't walk to the bathroom without someone holding me up. After a few days I was able to walk using a walker and had to keep using it for the first couple of months after Felicity was born. Not being able to walk when you have a newborn at home is high on the list of "things I don't need right now!"

I started to regain some of the feeling and strength, but once it wasn't as numb, it was VERY painful. I was up in the middle of the night more than my newborn. I usually couldn't sleep past 3am and nothing helped the pain. When you have a nerve injury, touch/massage/heat/cold only seem to make it worse. It didn't matter whether I was resting or standing. I couldn't even take the nerve pain medication that would normally have been perscribed to me because I was breastfeeding. So I had to survive on Tylenol and Motrin. I would be up in the middle of the night crying on the couch and then my dh would bring me our baby so that I could breastfeed her. I didn't want to have to give up breastfeeding, so we weren't giving her a bottle.

I saw a neurologist, a physical therapist, a podiatrist, and a neurological chiropractor but they only seemed to help slightly. They all told me that the nerve grows back an inch a month. I injurred my sciatic nerve in my hip and I had pain and numbness all the way down to my foot, so there was a long way to go.

Little by little the sensation and strength have been coming back. I'm still weak and limp on my leg and my foot hurts while I'm standing on it. I asked my neurologist last week if he thought that if I had another baby that I would injur it again. He said that some people seem to be prone to it and gave me a 50/50 chance. This was devastating to my husband and I. We had always talked about having more than 2 kids.

Now I don't know what to do. Our daughter is only 6 months old, so we obviously aren't ready to have more kids yet, but when the time comes to talk about it, I don't know what to think. Should I be a marter and risk injuring myself badly again? I could end up in a wheel chair! Should we just be happy with the two we have, like my parents keep telling me? We really wanted a big family. Should we look into adoption?

Have any other moms out there had this experience? Has anyone tried to get pregnant again after injuring their sciatic nerve? Does anyone have any advice?

Thanks for letting me vent and tell my story. Most people don't know what I've been through, just that I hurt my leg. It's nice to have other moms to "talk" to :-)

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So What Happened?

Thanks you everyone for your wonderful advice and thoughtful responses. We're still not quite sure what we'll do about having more kids. We'll just pray about it and decide when the time comes. As far as the pain goes, it's not too bad anymore- my foot just aches at the end of the day. The weakness actually bothers me more. I still can't get up on my toes even when Claire is keeping me on my toes ;-)

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The same thing happened to me. My daughter is now 10 yrs old and every couple of years I sit or twist wrong and cannot move for a couple of days. Otherwise it gets better but it always feels a little 'off'. The doctor was confused and the chiropracter made it worse so I just live with it. It hasn't stopped me from doing anything but I try to be more careful because it's very scary when I can't move and I can't imagine being like that forever. Stretching seems to help. I was never able to get pregnant again so I don't know what to say about that. Sorry for not having better news for you. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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i don't know if this is helpful but i have heard good things about acupuncture and sciatica.

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I also injured my siatic nerve while pregnant, and let me tell you, know one but someone that has also injured their siatic can understand what excrutiating, debilitating pain it causes. It infilitrates every part of your life: you cannot sit, stand, lay, move, or walk without pain. It is difficult to take care of oneself with this type of injury, much less a newborn and/or other children as well.
I was 6 months pregnant when my siatica started acting up: I was the manager and head teacher of a private, special education preschool that required me to do alot of heavy lifiting. I had initially thought that I had just badly injured my back, and took a few days off work. After a week, the situation had only gotten worse, and my OB referred me to a neurologist - I was then diagnosed with a badly pinched siatic nerve. I attended prenatal yoga classes: they didnt help. I saw a massage therapist, a chiropractor, a physical therapist - anything for a little bit of relief. Because I was currently pregnant, I could NOT take anything but simple over the counter tylenol - and that did nothing to help my pain. Every day was a struggle to make it to work, to try to function - and as my pregnancy went on, the pain got worse. Not only did my back hurt, but now all the muscles on my left side, including leg, foot, hip, shoulder, arm all hurt because of my body trying to compensate for my pain. I wasnt sleeping, because it was so uncomfortable to do so.
Finally, as a last ditch effort, my doctor suggested that I visit an acupuncturist. Now, I was very skeptical at first: I have several degrees, and work in an environment where modern medicine and treatment holds paramount, always. But, when you are in severe pain, you will try anything. And, by God, the acupunture worked!
It by no means provided instant or complete relief, but over time, my pain dimished enough for me to feel half good again, and I was able to return to work and function until the end of my pregnancy. Let me tell you, I have never been so happy to have that epidural needle put into my spine when I went into labor. LOL.
I continued to have some pain after the baby was born: I breastfed, and so could still not take any stronger pain medication, but the actupuncture really helped after I didn't have the baby weight pressing on my siatic nerve. It lasted for several months after my daughter was born, and the acupuntcture really helped to help dimish the pain quickly, without medication.
I would suggest looking into actupuncture in your area: my acupuncturist actually worked in tandem with my OB office and was a subscriber to my insurance - call your insurance company and see if they have any acupunturists on their list. Its such a widely used service now that most large insurance carriers will pay for most of it! Even if your insurance will not pay, I suggest you go anyway - anything for relief.
My siatica still acts up, and is much more "touchy" than it was before the pregnancy. But it is NOTHING in comparison to what it was before. I have only one child, and plan on having more in the future: now I know that I DO have pain relief options if my siatica acts up again.

I hope this helps. I urge you to look into the acuptuncture, and at least give it a try. If it doesnt help you, at least you know you gave it a shot. It doesnt hurt one single bit: there is no blood, no discomofort, and I found the break relaxing in itself.

Good luck!

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Dear E.,

I have had sciatic nerve problems on and off all of my life, the pain is quite sharp, so I empathize with you. I don't think that the nerve has to grow back from your hip to your foot, I think that it is damaged in one spot, and that part has to grow back, or heal.

My mother had that problem when my brother was born, and he is 64 years old now. She never had anymore children, but that wasn't the cause, and her case was not as severe as yours.

Really, just a thought, maybe you should put the 3rd child dream up for a while. I had to do that and it turned out that two was enough because of other circumstances. But I, again, know how you feel and the depth of yur desire to have a third child. So good luck on that one and the sciatic pain, maybe the scientists will find a way to help you. Medical breakthroughs are happening every day, it seems.

Just get through this one and save the other decision for a while, God will guide you, just be sure that you open your mind and listen.
Carry on and enjoy your babies, C. N.

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First, let me say, I'm sorry that you're going through this. When I got pregnant with my son (2nd child)I, too, had problems with my sciatic nerve, but it wasn't nearly as bad as you've described. I was sent to physical therapy throughout my pregnancy. And it did help, but the pain was still there. After having my son, the pain gradually went away, but it took several months. Occassionally, I still got those shooting pains all down my leg, even after almost a year. It did recede though, eventually. When my son was 3, we got pregnant again. Now I'm sure everyone is different, but with my last pregnancy, the pain came back with a vengance. There were days that I would stand up and almost fall over because of the pain. I had trouble walking, sitting, laying, everything. And this time, nothing seemed to help me, like you. While in the delivery room, my nerve was damaged further, to the point of losing feeling in my leg for several days after I had her. My daughter is now 10 months old, and the pain has since gone away again. My advice to you is to wait it out and see what happens. Like you said, you aren't ready for more kids yet, so you should just take it one day at a time. If the pain eventually goes away, assess how much you want more children. Sometimes, it's worth the risk. It was for us. (we had several other issues with our 2nd pregnancy as well as the sciatic problems) Your body will tell you if and when you're ready to have another baby. And as you mentioned, there are always other options if you aren't able to carry another child. Just take it one day at a time. For now, focus on getting yourself back to "normal" and on the beautiful children you have. Everything will work itself out, one way or another. Good luck and I hope you feel better and better each day. Take care.

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I probably wouldn't risk carrying another pregnancy yourself. I've had that pain before and having kids to take care of ... well, you know you can't be the mom you need to be. I would recommend adoption, or finding a surrogate who could carry your child for you. Whatever you decide, I wish you tons of luck and pain-free days!



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Hi there. I know this post is extremely old, but reading it is like reading a version of my own EXACT version. My baby is now 5 months old and I still having the burning nerve pain in my foot with patches of numbness and zero strength in my toes. I'm desperate to know how you are now and if you recovered fully or not and if so, how long did it take. I'm a police officer and my career relies on the use of my foot. I struggling to deal with life every day as I've lost the ability to look after my baby or my 13 year old properly and have concerns about my future. I've never come across anyone with the same issue and I truly hope this email notifies you that someone has replied to your post even though its 5 years later. I hope you are well and am praying I hear from you soon. X



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Hi E.,

I a mother of four. When I got pregnet from my third the same thing happened to me. I was so scared that I would not be able to walk. I also whanted to have one more baby. When my baby D. was 3 months I was introduced to a cellular nutrition program. I started to take it and I noticed 2weeks afther starting that I juped out bed. You now that if you have this Sciatic Nerve injuri you cant jup out of bed. I would slowly roll over and then start lifting my body a bit at a time till I was on my feet or my Hubby would help me. I was surprise and sead "ho my gosh!" My HB is like What? Of cours he was not the one in pain so he did not notice. I told him my body dose not hurt. I was so happy . When D. turned 1 year I got pregnet agen I keeped taking the nutritional program had lost 30Lb. Had no problem with my fourth pregnacy fealt great lots of energy keeped with the program. Took my prenatel ,calcium And other tablets that Also Helped me with the labor pain and I deliver fast. My fourth pregnacy went well and had a another butifull girl Clarissa. The sciatica did not bother me during my fourth pregnacy. My other 3 labors where very hard and loooong. My Mother had asked me not to have more babies afther the second because I sufered to much and this is a lady that has 8 kids. Mi desier for more kids was more than the pain. On my 3 Baby is when I got realy scared beacaus of the sciatica. I thank God for bringin this product to my life. If only I had known befor I had my firs 3 babies. My sciatica has not gon away completely but I am not in pain, my body dose not hurt. I was toled that if you give your body all the vitimins and nutriens it need that if will heal it's self. I don't think we give our bodies all it needs to be in balance. If you are intrested [email protected]



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I am a doctor of chiropractic. Sciatic nerve pain is very common during and after pregnancy. My advice is to seek the help of a chiropractor. I attended school in Whittier and know some good doctors around your area if you need a referrral.
Good luck.



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So funny this should come today, while I am having "an episode" as we call it. I damaged my sciatic nerve during my twin pregnancy and they will be 3 next week. Once they were born it improved but I still have episodes evey 3 mos. to as often as every two weeks of 1-2 days where I can do nothing but lay in bed and hope it gets better. My doctor says this is as good as I can expect it to get. I've lost some weight which has helped. I've had all the meds, and really the stronger stuff doesn't work any better than the weaker OTC med you are taking now and they just make you sleep through it (which can be a blessing). You are right, massage doesn't fix this, either. I have had some relief from tiger balm and heat pads, just enough to get me through the day. But before I moved I had acupuncture (there isn't an office close to me now)and got some relief from it. It is worth trying since it seems others have had success with it.



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Would the risk still be the same if you had a c-section? I was having sciatic pain with the numbness in my right leg, but my son was taken c-section and I had very little pain afterward. Just a thought.



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Hi E.,

I have something that may help with repairing of your nerve. Call me and we can go over what you are currently doing and I can make some suggestions.

Here to help

L. C
Personal Nutritionist



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Hi there,

I am sorry to hear that you had such a hard time during one of the most difficult periods of your little girl's life - I can't imagine going through that! That being said, I think that it is too much of a risk to have another baby if it may mean you being in a wheelchair. You have to really consider your two girls - your newborn will not notice if you can not take part in fun physical activities with him/her, but your toddler and preschool age children certainly will. I understand that you have a strong desire to have more babies, but you must think of the quality of life for yourself as well as your little ones. If adoption is something you would consider then maybe it would be perfect for you! It would be a win-win scenario in that a baby or child in need of a home would be given a great one and you could have the large family you have dreamed of without the risk of a devastating injury. I wish you luck in your decision, and know that having just 2 can also be very fulfilling as well :)

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