School Recommendations in Roseville Area

Updated on July 14, 2009
L.P. asks from Saint Paul, MN
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I am wondering if anyone has any good suggestions on elementary school options in the Roseville area. I know a good deal about some of the public schools in the area, but wondering what else there might be. Any thoughts and ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Did the look through with my grandson recently. Very helpful!

go to
Adequate Yearly Progress School Performance (AYP)
You can actually check out each schools performance one by one. Good Luck!

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You said you know a great deal about the public schools. I work and live in the Roseville district and I'll chime in for the public schools. After having seen many many elementary schools around the metro area, public and private, I'm a fan of Brimhall elementary. Their Music and arts education are wonderful and continue with excellence through high school. Compared to other districts, this district has a range of ethnic, and socio-economic diversity that is more successful and celebrated than I've seen in other suburbs. The staff at Brimhall is friendly and helpful and has a great community feel.

Good luck in your sesarch!



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my sister sends her kids to Brimhall- I went to a carnival there this spring. They staff are great and really encourage the kids to be involved in supporting their school. Also I seen many parents of kids working the carnival to support the school finacically. I was impressed



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We live in Roseville and my daughter goes to Oak Hill Montessori in Shoreview (7 miles from our house). It is well worth our drive - I have been in education for the last 12 years and am working on my PhD in education, and I truly believe it is one of the best schools in the state. I have observed all over the place - both in this state and out of the state and have interviewed and worked with all kinds of teachers. Oak Hill provides an amazing education that considers the whole child.

I would be happy to talk to you more about the school, or feel free to call them or visit their website. I believe that the summer office hours are from 8-4. ###-###-####,

Good luck!



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Hi L.-
My girls go to St. John the Baptist Catholic schools. It's a great school with only 2 classes per grade-- k-8 and tuition is reasonable. The girls - twins-- only have 22 in each class with a lot of volunteer help so they really excel in getting the material learned.
If you want to know more-- email me privately and I can get you a DVD to watch.

About me: 48 yo perfusionist and wellness coach for nationwide online biggest loser for $$ and mom to 7 yo twin girls.
[email protected]

B. J

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