School Awards Does Your School Participate?

Updated on May 23, 2012
S.K. asks from Castle Rock, CO
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As the school year is winding down Im seeing a lot of my friends post all these school awards that their kids have gotten. The elementary school my son attends does not do such things and its kind of frustrating. I mean if they stick out they should get an award or recognition by all means I've seen a lot of the teachers get their awards and recognition throughout the year and they boast about it on the website so why not give those certain kids their day in the sun as well? Does your school do these awards or have they sunken into the we dont want to hurt anyones feelings mumbo jumbo?

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Just an FYI I dont beleve that EVERYONE should get an award but my nephew just got the presidential award for fitness which is a big deal, thats not an award that everyone can get. (different school) I remember getting the award for physical fitness in 8th grade they picked a boy and a girl in the grade and I was so happy that I got it since I wasn't on the A team basketball (but the C) but I excelled in gym and all the field day activities. If there was one for attendance im sure my son would probably strive to get it because he is motivated by such awards and I think its good to give someone a incentive to do well. If my son did nothing above and beyond then no I would not expect him to get anything and I would let it be a lesson learned.

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answers from Provo on

I really thought every school at least has an end of the year award assembly. My kids' schools have many throughout the year.

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answers from Kansas City on

Not only does my son's school do awards (usually parents are not invited, the certificates just come home in a folder) but for summer school, if the child does not miss any time at all, they get a 100.00 Visa gift card! And it sliding scales down from there to if they miss 8 hours they get 50.00 and beyond that, no gift card.

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answers from Charlotte on

Yes. And kudos to your child - the presidential fitness award IS a big deal. Both my kids got that.

Academic awards are important too. I think it is wonderful for kids to receive them at year end.

Perhaps it is something you could take up with the school board.


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answers from Chicago on

I had them when I went to school, but my son is in PreK so I do not think they would just yet. I think that it is hard work to ensure you attend school daily, maintaining your health and keeping your priorities in line and that recognition is appropriate. I do however think that too many schools/programs for kids are trying to create an envrionment of equality but that is just setting them up to fail in the real world. Here in the real world some people get awards and ahead in life and some do not - learning how to deal with that is VERY important.



answers from Los Angeles on

My kids school does. But some of them I feel have gotten out of hand. the school has a ceremony. That is great but not all of the awards should be ceremonious. Her first award was a medal for writing excellence. She is in first grade. I thought ok that is neat but a medal might be a lot. then she had another one last week. She got an award for knowing all her sight words. I am super proud of her and think a certificate is nice encouragement but to present it in a ceremony. WAAAAAY too much. She did also get an award for axcelerated reader. Another medal. Parents had flowers and balloons for their kids! I do believe in positive reinforcement. And I do believe in rewarding excellence but over the top praise for doing what is expected is too much.


answers from San Francisco on

Nope, my kids' elementary school has never had them. I never even thought about it. An award for perfect attendance? That's like the soccer trophies they give all the kids for "participation." It's like saying hey kid, you showed up, you deserve to be honored! Besides, the kids are always given credit and praise for improvement and accomplishment on their report cards, not to mention in class rewards (star charts, pizza parties) so why the need for a public recognition, isn't there enough showing off going on in the parent community?

Having said that, kids who are interested in academic competition are given the chance to participate in the spelling bee, geography bee and Oddessy (sp?) of the Mind. These competitions take real commitment and hard work above and beyond the classroom and therefore deserve some recognition!



answers from Pittsburgh on

never heard of that...maybe its a regional thing?



answers from Dallas on

My son's school will have an awards program at the end of the year. They give out for most improved in subjects. Perfect attendandce and if they get commended on the STARR test. And also the A and AB honor roll. I think it's good to let their accomplishments be celebrated!



answers from Las Vegas on

We definitely have them at our school... In my opinion, children should be rewarded for their hard work and dedication.. My son is a great student, listens to his teachers, follows instructions and everyday, before he does anything else, his homework comes first and because of his great study habits, he gets all A s. If it were allowed, he could come home and like so many kids, play video games, watch t.v. and basically not get his work done, but that isn't the case and therefore, yes......... he should be rewarded and he is.... I believe in aspiring UP not down.... In life, there are in fact rewards for those who do a great job.. so why not teach kids at a young age that hard work does have its benefits... basically that is life..

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