Scar Tissue, Fibrous, After C-section

Updated on October 10, 2006
K.M. asks from Meriden, CT
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To Toni,

Yes, it's me! I know scarring is normal but "fibrous tissue" sounded like it was worth learning about just in case. So thanks for your info.


You're right. The author I mentioned was referring to fibroids, not fibrous tissue.

I had a C-section two years ago and now am discovering that I have some fibrous tissue in that area. My question is, has anyone had this kind of scar tissue before and, if so, has it (or do you know) if it affects any consequent pregnancies? We plan on trying to have another one, in the future, and I was just curious if this affects the ability to get and stay pregnant. I've done some reading but didn't glean too much info. I'm not worried because my Dr. didn't seem concerned. I guess I'm curious about it because I just read a book, not sure of the title, but the author mentioned her experience trying to get pregnant and they weren't sure it would happen because she had fibrous tissue problems. And that's why I'm researching this, because it made me think about how we want to have another one and I just want to know what the effects of this tissue is on pregnancy and birth.


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So What Happened?

Thanks to everyone who responded and for your helpful insights. I'm not going to think about this anymore!


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answers from Hartford on

Scar tissue from a c-section should not cause any problems. The book author might have had a problem called fibroids that can cause difficulties. There are a few other things related to endometriosis that can cause problems but it sounds like you will be fine.



answers from Providence on

Hi K., I am a mother or 2 girls and 2 c-sections later. I probably have fibrous scar tissue from my surgery's but that did not cause me not to get pregnant the 2nd time. We did not have any trouble the 1st or the 2nd time getting pregnant. SO, I would say not to worry about it. I also have fibroids and that also did not cause any problems. Check with your OB/GYN on the issue of fibrous tissue but I am sure that he/she would say it is not a big deal. As far as the 1st c-secion fibrous tissue they just cut out the old scar and re-cut near the existing scar for the second c-section. Not a big deal. Good luck and best wishes.



answers from Rochester on

while i'm not a doctor, i do totally understand how you feel and what your going through. i've had female issues my entire life which led to my period just disappearing all together and i have endometriosis like you'd never seen and alot of scar tissue.... i was able to conceive my first son after they told me i'd never have a child, and i'm now pregnant with my second. when again, they told me it would never happen. so far so good :) ive had more surgeries than i can count and it might be worth talking to your doctor about because my doctor was able to get rid of most of the scar tissue. you may have to have a c-section again becuz of the scarring but that is the least of your worries if it means bringing a baby into the world. I have also been seeing a specialist, his name is Dr. Fred Howard, he is in the phone book as well as the unity health web page.... he deals with woman with severe pelvic pain and reproductive issues, and he might be worth mentioning to your doctor. he is hard to get in to see, so be patient. Good luck to you. :)



answers from New York on

Hi K.,
Take it from me, scar tissue is normal with any surgery, injury, etc. I had 3 c-sections and 2 VBAC'S. so as you can see I had more kids. You are in Meriden, I have a great Ob/Gyn if you are interested. If you are who I think you are you know how to reach me and if not then I just made a fool out of myself and my niece (Erin) will be rolling on the floor laughing when she sees this.
T. W.
P.S. You are from the Wallingford Public Library, right?



answers from Providence on

I've had 2 c-sections, and I didn't have any problems getting pregnant the second time. Maybe the author of has scarring on her fallopin(sic) tubes.




answers from Springfield on

I have 4 kids all c-sections and I have lots of scar (firous) tissue which a lot developed after my 2nd child and as you can see i had no problems getting pregnant the 3rd and 4th time.
During the last c-section he did need to remove some of the tissue but other than that no problems. Dont stress especially if your own doctor doesn't seem too concerned.



answers from Buffalo on

Hi K.,
I myself have had four c-sections, first one 14yrs ago, last one 2yrs ago, and had not a problem getting pregnant,my doc also had no concernes but one, going onto labor could cause a problem, but really, not to worry if you get pregnant again, scarring is normal, somtimes they remove scar tissue and sometimes if it is not in the way they leave it. If it still concernes you just keep asking you doc as many questions as you can think of, somtimes reading books can cause more harm than good especially if you have it in your mind already that whatever it is is not good to begin with. I would not worry, being that it was your first one and all, and I am assuming there wasn't any complications, wich sometimes that don't matter either, my first child was born by emergency c-setion, and I was opened pretty big, hip bone to hip bone that is where my first scar line ends. I was VERY nervous after that, and nothing ever went wrong. good luck and don't be afraid to have another baby by no means.

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