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Updated on September 29, 2011
M.G. asks from San Jose, CA
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I looked at the paper with the list of packages for school pictures. Are they the best price since it goes through the school?
What's your best money saving tip?

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answers from Biloxi on

I always buy the smallest package then scan a photo in and re-print it onto good quality photo paper. With a good printer and high print quality selected you can't tell the difference.


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answers from Austin on

I purchased the smallest amount.
I just wanted to make sure we had at least 1 for each school year.. Love the gaps in the smiles, the funny hair styles and the outfits.

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answers from Dallas on

I never buy school pics they are way too high & you cant even see the pics first & there aren't even enough pics to hand out to family without spending a fortune...I go to jcpenney with a coupon, you can get a coupon for $3.99 per sheet or sometimes a $15-$20 package, & you get way more pics...if you have a portrait innovations you can get their package deal which is usually $15 for one pose & you get a lot of pics (you can get one special price package every 3 months)...there are lots of places with better deals, with us having 3 kids we have to save everywhere we can

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answers from Nashville on

I count how much I want to give out and choose the package that closely fits that number, that way I get the most for my money and I don't have pictures sitting around

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answers from Dallas on

For my son's senior pics, we are hiring a college student. Her photographs are much better and way less expensive. We just get the free one in the year book.
I took the pics of my older son.
I don't know why the school does this. They must get a kickback somewhere because the photos are way overpriced.

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answers from Austin on

If you have the time, compare prices with the photo studios you usually see in the big stores... they often have some pretty good packages that can be cheaper than (or similar in price to) the ones at school... plus, they take lots of different poses and work more with your child for a good picture!

I've watched them take the pictures at school, and they spend maybe a minute on each child? Have them get their pic taken for the yearbook (or whatever, if they have one) and get better pictures taken at the in-store studios.

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answers from Washington DC on

We use Lifetouch for our school. I get the smallest package - $14 and add back in 2 5x7 - $7.00. That covers my 'handout' needs with just a few small ones left over.

As for best price, its more about convience. Walmart, Kiddie Studios, and such have good package prices, but you tease you with taking a ton of great shots. The deal is only for the first shot. If you want others then they are either $20 a sheet or a minimum package of $100.

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answers from Erie on

My oldest daughter is becoming a fabulous photographer. Since she is still pretty new, she does free shoots quite often. She can download the photos to a cd, and give it to the people whose pics they are. Then they can go to Walmart or Shutterfly, and order the ones they like best. Many more choices, and price is for what they actually want to order, small or large amounts of pics.
Maybe you have a friend/relative who is starting out in photography...consider them! They'd appreciate the practice, and since they can take the pictures anywhere, your backgrounds will offer much more to choose from.
BTW, my daughter has a high quality camera. Even if someone's camera isn't the most expensive, some of the $200 range cameras do a very nice job.



answers from Seattle on

I buy the package with two 5 x7.. Then buy the picture magnet. I have them on my frig.. Each year since kindergarten fun to compare and look at them side by side. Kids grow up too fast.


answers from St. Louis on

If you want a school picture it is the only way to get it. If you want just a picture of your child take it yourself, it was save you a lot of money.



answers from Los Angeles on

Take a photo of the background the photographer is using and then go to Walmart (or any photo studio) and have them use the same background.

You have your school pic's without the tremendous expense. Profit has got to be their only motive. I tried to tell the school photographer that he could sell far more packages if he was reasonable on his prices and make more money in the long run. If you take away all the fluff in his answer, he basicly told me MYOB. I took all the pictures he took of my kids, rubberbanded them together and included a coupon from Walmart and Sears and JCPenney and said I would be interested in his photos if he woud price match. I was told later that he got really mad and slammed the pictures down in the trash can. OH Well. His loss.

I got the pictures done else where and told as many families as I could.

Good luck to you and yours.



answers from Austin on

One year I bought a bunch of $9 5x7s to give as Christmas gifts to close family & godparents....

We WERE going to have my nephew-in-law do the senior portrait for free (I think; maybe just reduced rate) but he is no longer part of the family -- I'd still go to him but I doubt he's speaking to any of us :(



answers from Dallas on

My daughter's picture day is today - I only purchased the CD for $30 - that way I can print out or email as many as I want/need.


answers from Dallas on

School pics are a rip-off to parents. Geez, I've been hit with the regular school pic, cheer pics, and each week game day pics for cheerleader g at games.

I buy the smallest package. Use as needed and make a special book for my daughters last 2 yrs if Sr high school.

It a part of the program!!

I expect to pay a small fortune for senior pictures next year! Hope I get the best photographer..

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