Saving Money on an Orlando Vacation?

Updated on April 25, 2011
B.C. asks from Montclair, NJ
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Hi all,
My husband has a business trip to Orlando in a few weeks so we're going to take advantage of the free hotel and I'll join him with my four year old son for 4 days. I know I'll sound like a scrooge but I have no interest in Disney World (although my husband thinks we shouldn't miss it). I'm very worried about how the money will add up. Any suggestions? I'm already planning on us packing our own lunches and I don't intend to buy souvenirs (although my husband probably will have other ideas). So many families go to Orlando and Disney -- it must be doable but I'm not sure how this is going to work.
Thanks in advance.

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Yes, you can do Disney on a budget. First, take a backpack into the park and pack waters. This will save you $ on buying expensive drinks throughout the day. You can also pack snacks in the backpack. Some families even bring a small cooler/tote and bring their own lunches, If you do decide to buy lunch in the park - you can always split and share things like sandwiches. You can buy Disney t-shirts and such at Walmart and any of the places surrounding Disney for much cheaper than in the park. Check out some of the suggestions at (I believe they even have a "Disney on a Budget" forum/discussion). They always have awesome ideas. Have fun!! ~ A.

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Definitely do not miss Disney!! You can do it on ANY budget! You will surely get some good advice here and also check out boards like If you have to pick one park I would do the Magic Kingdom.

And you do not need to get souvenirs if you don't want to. Just don't even take your son into any of the shops-he is still young enough to boss around like that! And I have heard of some people buying Disney items at home and then taking them to WDW and giving them to the kids there like they bought them there.



answers from Eugene on

We used to do Disneyland alot. My kids loved it. We had passes but didn't spend alot of money in the park. We brought our lunches, plus water, juice and snacks to eat while waiting in line. At Disneyland, they also have lockers right outside the main entrance so you could stash your lunch and snacks for the afternoon so you are not carrying so much in the morning.

For special occassions, I'd give my kids a small amount of money to spend as they pleased in the park, 5- 7 dollars. I thought they'd spend it on something junky but instead they'd think carefully before deciding what to buy. The souvenirs may be more expensive than Walmart, but sometimes it's worth it to let them have something they see at the park, that will remind them of the special time they had there.

I hope you take advantage of this trip and go to Disney World. Even if it's not your thing, enjoy watching how fun it is for your son.



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Be sure to check for discounted tickets at the hotel. There are people who work all the hotels selling discounted tickets that they buy back from people who can't or don't use them. Ex. - People buy a 5 day pass, but only use 3 or 4 days. These unused day passes are bought back by these brokers & resold at local hotels around Disney.

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