Saturn Vue

Updated on June 07, 2009
S.S. asks from Saint Paul, MN
4 answers

Does anyone have a Saturn VUE that they drive or anyone know someone who does? Do they like it? Is is bad on gas? Anything good or bad welcome. Thanks

My car has died and I need to look into something used (new to me).

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answers from Omaha on

If you're buying a car, go to, and and do your research!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next, I'd never buy anything other than a toyota, honda, acura, lexus used...they're typically the most reliable cars on the market.



answers from Des Moines on

My family has been a Saturn family for a while my mom got a saturn in the early 90's and has only had Saturn since then at one point all three of my siblings at the Vue. one sister wrecked hers, totaled it and everyone was fine thats a plus, my brother sold his and then after a year wished he hadnt so he bought my other sisters vue from her and after a year she missed it, and ended up buying a new honda CRV because the dealership was willing to work with her on trade in of her current honda. They dont do terrible on gas as far as SUV are concerned. i think highway my Brother gets almost 30 mpg with a 2004 Vue. At first it does kind of feel like you are driving a bus but after you get used to it they are great. if i could i would have one.



answers from Omaha on

my sister in law had a vue and loved it the whole time. i am not sure about mpg or any of that though.



answers from Minneapolis on

My sister has a 2006 Vue and is trading it in this week for a Brand New 2009 Vue.. She likes it and couldn't find anything else she likes, that is why she is getting another Vue.

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