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Updated on September 09, 2008
P.B. asks from Denver, CO
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My husband has a broken tooth causing a fair amount of pain that really needs to come out. However, he's an independent contractor for FedEx and works 7am to 7pm Monday through Friday, and there's no such thing as sick days or early out. I've been calling everywhere trying to find someone that will see him, but no one does Saturdays. We're in Carrollton and we have metlife insurance, so if you know of anyone that takes it, we'd be thrilled, though I'd honestly call just about anyone now.

Edit: Just to be clear, as a contractor for FedEx, taking a day off isn't an issue of losing a day of pay. They don't have anyone to cover for you if you're out for a day. It's not an option. Period.

I did, however, find someone. So, to add to my question, has anyone been to Dossett Dental?

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So What Happened?

Thanks to everyone who responded! I cancelled the appointment with Dossett Dental and called Next Century. He had to wait a little longer and we had to drive to Southlake, but it was well worth it. They have a very nice office, the staff is helpful, and they got his tooth taken care of on the first appointment. And, while the first dentist we saw told us they wouldn't even touch it and told us to get an oral surgeon for extraction, Next Century just did a root canal and built it up for a crown, so that was really great. They did warn us it might not be possible, but their willingness to attempt (and subsequent success) was a big plus.

He's been back once more for fillings with the same great service. The only detractor might be that they don't have any of the entertainment perks some other dentists have to occupy your mind while you're in the chair. Anybody else looking for dental work on a Saturday, however, I highly recommend them! (And I think they do orthodontics too, so if you're needing more extensive stuff than standard dental, you might look into it.)

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Richardson Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates
400 S. Cottonwood Dr.
Richardson, TX 75080


Dr. Miro Pavelka and (his son) Dr. Jason Pavelka are great. I've used Dr. Miro for all three of my children's oral surguries and he's the best as far as I'm concerned. He also teaches at Baylor College of Dentistry; so, he's very current in the newest procedures in dental care. While, he's very good about calling and checking on his patients on the weekends, I'm certain he's not in the office on Saturdays. However, you should call his office and either have your husband take a day off (he's probably going to have a couple days of recovery anyway)and let Dr. Pavelka see him in office or, perhaps, you can be directed to someone at the dental school.

Give them a call.

Good luck,



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The best oral surgeon I know of (and the one that my two sons have used for 4 oral surgeries with outstanding results - I'm a very, very picky and protective mama) is Dr. Richard Martin in Lewisville - he's straight up I-35 from Carrollton (about 5-7 minutes) - 1/2 block East of Main street.

I don't know if they take your insurance, but you could give them a call. ###-###-####
They do an exceptional job with that as well and if you overpay your share, they're very fast at getting you your refund (unlike many, many other dentists I've used).

Also, it's highly unlikely you'll find a good oral surgeon that works weekends like you need (some of the local dental schools might, but there would be NO WAY I'd leave this sort of thing to a dental school) - your best bet is for your husband to get an appt on a Friday afternoon (note many of these docs don't even work then) and then have the weekend to recover. Most oral surgeries need at least 24 hours. You'll have to accept that your husband may have to take a day without pay.



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I have been to Dossett Dental and I absolutely DO NOT recommmend them. I had to have so much work done and redone after they were done with me. My husband also had issues. I finally found a dentist who is trustworthy and good in Allen and it took more then a year to get my teeth back to not hurting and getting the roots to relax again. It was NOT a good experience. If I had to do it over again I would NEVER go to them.



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Try and see if there is a Next Century Dental in your area. They have Sat. appts and I know they take Metlife Dental

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