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Updated on December 02, 2008
T.A. asks from Charleston, WV
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What reason do you give small children that believe in Santa for donating used toys before Christmas? I have a feeling that my granddaughter is going to ask why can't Santa bring them toys instead?

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answers from Jacksonville on

In our house every gift that Santa can get has to be approved by me and it has to be within budget. I tell them that Santa has to use my money to get the things since he doesn't make them anymore. So when they ask for outlandish toys I can't afford, the Wii, then I can just say well since I have to let Santa use our money at the store I don't think that one is going to happen. ALso they are allowed to ask for one gift from the mall Santa.
We donate a shoebox to Operation Christmas Child and to Toys for Tots and I simply say that some families don't have the budget that we do and this is a way for us to help Santa get the toys the kids want. They get a big kick out of going to get their toy for Toys and Shoeboxes filled and have never questioned any of it.
Even as my two oldest have grown out of Santa they want to keep doing a shoebox and make sure they get the right toy.

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answers from Memphis on

I can understand your situation. Does she understand recycling? Perhaps you can tell her Santa is a big recycling supporter & would like to use her toys to fix up for others. And also, he 'knows if you've been bad or good' and this is definitely good.

Have a great Christmas.

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answers from Memphis on

We sponsor a Christmas Angel each year. My 4 yr old has started to ask about it, but I just tell him that all the angels on the tree are kids whose mommy and daddy can't afford to get them any thing for Christmas so they ask other people to help them so those little boys and girls can have a good Christmas too. In our house santa only brings 1 or 2 gifts and fills the stocking, so most presents aren't from Santa. He's never ask why can't santa just bring them presents. If he did I'd just remind him that he gets presents from people besides Santa so the other little boys and girls should too.

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answers from Knoxville on

What we tell our daughter is that Santa brings her certain gifts and that mommy and daddy buy her others. Maybe you could tell her that the mommies and daddies of the children your giving gifts to are low on money and can't afford to buy them gifts, but that Santa will still bring those kids something too.

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answers from Parkersburg on

Once a year, usually around this time, we have always gone through the kids toys and donated them. I have always told my kids that they were going to less fortunate boys ang girls. They always accepted that and never asked the Santa thing. Good Luck

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answers from Memphis on

Santa isn't the only one that gives gifts at christmas. Mommy's and daddy's do too...sometimes moms and dads can't afford to buy their babies gifts so we have to donate our old gifts for those less fortunate than us.

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answers from Greensboro on

This comes up as one of the many questions that are asked. One way to handle it it to tell them that Christmas is the time for giving and it makes Santa happy to see that they are doing something good from their heart. Santa does see everything they do, so he would know that they are very good kids.

Hope This Helps

S. J

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