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Updated on August 08, 2009
M.L. asks from Folsom, CA
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I have never been to San Diego and we are planning a trip with a 3 and 4 year old. We are going to do Lego Land, Sea World, etc. Has anyone been there recently and could recommend places to stay? Any other recommendations about San Diego and places to see and do would be appreciated.


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I agree you need to take them to the zoo. Another 'must see' in my opinion is the Wild Animal park. It's located just north of San Diego, at Escondido, but well worth the trip. There you get to see the animals in a habitat that more closely resembles their life in the wild. When we lived in the area for about four years we had passes and went at least four times a year to the Wild Animal park and several times a year to the zoo.



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If the San Diego zoo was not included in your "etc.", you really need to plan a day there. We took our son there several times before he even got into kindergarten, and he loved it.



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SD is a very family friendly area M.:)

Go to both early morning..still dewy and also, night time!! if you think your kids would like it.

Consider a City Pass or Go Card

We are HILTON rewards people and the Hilton Mission Valley but if you want beach, there are others...this one is central to all freeways that head this way and that.
Tons of restaurants but this one is unique, affordable, quick for the kids and a lot of quality..several locations humble suggestion. I am not a marathon runner but was disgusted by people standing in line to ride a bus...unwilling (not about ability issues here) to avoid walking LONG will be half way through the park while people wait in line...eating junk, getting more unhealthy .Buses never get close to the animal after a long line.

.You will get some walking in but feel great after..Your kids wil get a much better experience too..and you will not be loading on and off a bus...

Bring bathing suits and towels and a plastic shawl to Sea World so the kids can play in the water area but if you do not want to get wet with Shamu, you are covered..
There is also a sand area....nice as an energy burner before hotel night night

Avoid overly crowded beaches, just frustrating. I love to go to beaches in OC as I used to live there. Email me if you want suggestions. If you are driving, I would make one stop OC..Newport or LB, even San Clemente or Dana P.



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We used to live in north county San Diego, in Oceanside, and i highly recommend the Wild Animal Park also, just outside Escondido - remember to bring your walking shoes, stroller, ect. as most things to see can be a walk but well worth it. Also we enjoyed Old Town San Diego. Makes a good day trip and this is the quieter part of the downtown and near Balboa park. You can walk at your leisure with restaurants and museums and places of interests/history along the way. Have a fun and safe trip, I'm jealous!!!! :)



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Have you checked out I've used that to plan many trips and it's great. You can read personal reviews and get great tips on what to see and do.

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