Sams Club vs Costco

Updated on September 01, 2010
L.C. asks from Downers Grove, IL
5 answers

I currently shop at Sams Club but a new Costco is opening nearby. I was wondering which is better or if there is any difference between the two. Before i renew my membership at Sams, I'd like some opinions about Costco. I like Sams, but does Costso have better deals? More selection? Better prices? Any info would be helpful. Thanks.

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answers from New York on

At one point or another over the past 10 years, I've been a member of all 3 (Sam's, Costco, and BJ's - currently BJ's only). I think it depends on the items that you purchase and also the conveniece of the store location. Usually when a new store opens you'll see advertisements for a temporary membership or a one day pass (sometimes they'll make you pay a surcharge for purchases). Stop by and check them out and compare the prices of the items that you'll be purchasing. Even if they don't have a pass, you usually don't need a membership to walk into the store, and if you do, just go to customer service and tell them you want to check out the store before purchasing a membership.

Years ago when we belonged to Costco, we didn't care for many of the "Costco" brand products.


answers from Cincinnati on

Costco all the way!!!!! I've been to both, and there is no comparison. Their "kirkland" brand is great! They send out great coupons every month! Sams=no coupons ever.



answers from Phoenix on

This same ? was asked on Aug 26th if you go back there are great responses. I copied and pasted my answer to her here for you (too lazy to type again hehe) Hope this helps :) Oh and when the Costco openes you can go and look around and check it out but you cant prchase unless you are a member.

I worked for Costco for 13 years and my Husband for 19 (and going) so I am a little biased. IMO Costco has better products and great deals. The comapny will not sell an item that they cant get for members cheaper (they almost stopped carring all coke products because of this when the company tried to raise price). Also everything you get is 100% satisfaction garanteed. If you buy a product, use some, dont like it, return for refund. The only time limit on item is tech items which are 90 days but they gave a conceirge dept incase it breaks where if they cant fix it they replace under manufactures warranty. The membership is also refundable so if you try for a couple of months and its not for you, you can get a refund on memership. I am not a big fan of Sams club (also not a fan of Walmart which os same company). You can shop at Sams without being a member but you pay a higher price then members pay. Costoc does take Costco issued cupons books which come out about once month (cupons are good for 4 weeks and then a week after a new one comes out) usually 30-40 items in a book. You can go to and check out whats on cupon right now. They strive for great customer serivce and really take care of their employees. Like I said I am biased but wanted to share my inside opinion for you.

Costco does take food stamps now and they do have a house brans (Kirkland Signature is house brand)


answers from Detroit on

i currently have a membership at costco and I love them. I had a membership at Sam's a few years ago and they were alright too. the only difference is costco is supposedly for the "middle class". they will only sell certain brands of things. like they won't carry pampers but will only sell huggies and their brand(kirkland, which by the way is pretty good). that's the only difference to me.



answers from Eugene on

I have never been to a Sams Club, but I am a member of Costco and I love it! While some things aren't such a good deal for us (we are only a 3 person home and don't need to buy a ton of stuff in bulk)somethings I wouldn't buy anywhere else! (Especially love their coupons every month). If it was me and they were putting a Sams club in, I would just ask to "browse" one so I could price compare and make the decision based on that, because I am sure each has it's stong points it would just depend on what you buy there the most! :)

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