Sambucus and Black Elderberry

Updated on March 22, 2010
L.N. asks from North Palm Beach, FL
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my daughter just got a cold. she had a major surgery a couple of months ago, and colds could mess up her recovery. the pediatrician put her on low dose antibiotics for the time being (until summer), but wanted to get something to boost her immunity. went to whole foods and got nature's way sambucus for kids, and a bottle of gaia herbs black elderberry syrup. do any of you moms know how this stuff works? how long do i give it to my daughter (while she has the cold symptoms? or...
which one is better sambucus or the elderberry?
if anyone has any suggestions please advice. my daughter is five years old.

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So What Happened?

i just wanted to make sure it's safe to give it to her. i am very desperate to keep her away from colds while she's recovering. she's already low dose antibiotic for God knows how long. so i bit the bullet and gave her a teaspoon. i will keep giving it to her until she gets over the cold. thank you ladies so much.
EDIT 2: I called today the pediatrician and they just don't know if it can be taken with antibiotic. the nurse said you could but no tests are done on natural remedies to see if they cause side effects or intrusion when taken with antibiotic. so i did give my daughter 4 doses since saturday. but i will stop
her nose is halfway open. i guess i will leave in in God's hands. thank you ladies

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Hi L.,
I've used Sambucus for my grandsons for several years now (they were about 1-2 years old when I first gave it to them). It works very well for them.

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I, too love whole foods and the natural herbs in lieu of medicine, however, please make sure they do not interact or cancel out the medicine she is taking, if any. Try for more information and ley tour Doctor Know. I hope your little girl feels better real soon.

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As a Shaklee Indpendent Distributor I would have some suggestions for you to help build your daughters immunity. A regular vitamin program and nutritional shakes. This is something for every day and I would be happy to advise you. to help prevent this cold I would say get lots of vitamin C and drink lots and lots of water.

contact me and let me help to protect your daughter for the future.

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Hi L.,

Sambucus is a scientific name for black elderberry. There are several kinds. Elderberry syrup or extract is a good immune booster and is safe for a little one. A teaspoon three or four times a day for at least a week but this is simply food so it can be taken indefinitely as well. My little ones love it to flavor tea but straight is good too.

Hope I helped!


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answers from Roanoke on

Sambucus is a good thing, we have been using it in our family for a long time and I think it helps. Never used it on kids though, just for adults.

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No idea on what either of those are but I would call your doctor and see if it is OK to give those things with the antibiotic. Many "natural" remedies combined with antibiotics or even other "natural" items can have the opposite effect of what you want. Please check with a doctor to make sure there is no bad effects from combining these things. Also please don't just reley on the natural food store staff to tell you it is safe. Most are not doctors and many have no formal training. A.



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I would cal your doctor.



answers from Minneapolis on

We have used both on our daughter in place of an OTC cough suppressant. I think she was 18 months or so when we gave it to her. Our chiropractor is a pediatric specialist and he recommended them to us in the first place and assured that they were safe for her (I do think she had to be 12 months old before we gave her the elderberry, but I can’t remember for sure). But we used them while she was displaying symptoms and then stopped.

As an ongoing prevention, we combine probiotics with our multi-vitamins and regular chiropractic care to stay healthy. Probiotics are huge in boosting everyone’s immune systems. You can look for foods that are high in probiotics, like yogurt, but I suggest taking supplemental probiotics. I have found that the Florify brand of probiotics to be very affordable.



answers from New London on

I swear by both, always have them on hand. I have a two year old and whenever first sign of anything I give to her also give her infant echanecia which is at any healthfood store to boost immunity. I have worked both with natural path doctor and her normal pediatrician and they both are on board with me doing this. Also I am sorry to here about her surgery hope she is recovering ok. Just one word of advice too not sure how old your daughter is but totally stay away from dairy if there are any signs of cold. it increases mucus production and makes situation so much worse. wish you the best of luck and best of recovery to your little one.



answers from Portland on

Sambucus is the Latin name for elderberry – same thing, but can be made into different formulations. If you are following the dosage recommended for your daughter's age, it should be safe.



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Hi L. -- good luck with your daughter. It's sure hard to prevent colds once they are with other kids. I've never tried elderberry, so I can't weigh in on that, but I wanted to mention that antibiotics don't affect colds because colds are a virus. So she can be on as many antibiotics as exist and still get a cold.


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