Sam's Club Vs. Costco - Appleton,WI

Updated on February 10, 2014
M.. asks from Appleton, WI
22 answers

Which one do you like and why?

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So What Happened?

Thank you everyone for your insight! I appreciate it!!!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Costco. I think the quality and selection are much better. Also - Costco pays a living wage, allows their employees to spend holidays with their families and provides healthcare (Sam's may now with the ACA). If you need diapers - NOTHING beats the Kirkland ones - better than all the brand names. Plus they have greatly expanded their selection of organic products.

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answers from Omaha on

I LOVE Costco! They have a great selection of organic foods at affordable prices. Their rotisserie chickens are so yummy!
We just bought a great room divider for my son's room including the canvas baskets for $129. Great deals there!

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answers from Chicago on

I think Costco has a better product selection. We no longer have a Sam's membership and the only thing I miss is the large bags of romaine lettuce for about $3. Costco pays their employees better wages and offers health insurance to a large portion of their employees. I prefer to give my business to a company who has figured out how to make a profit and treat their employees well, as opposed to a company who makes a fortune and has a large number of employees that rely on government assistance because of the poor pay.

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answers from Chicago on

My bro has Costco and they just opened one by me. I used to have Sam's but did not really care for the "savings". I usually got better savings for the things I buy at Jewel sales. Everyone I know that has it loves Costco and from what I have been reading online, Costco beats out with lots of other ways as well. Plus yesterday I read that the Kirkland brand is actually made by big manufacturers. Plan to check them out when I am back at work.

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answers from Honolulu on

Costco, no contest!

They have great quality reasonably priced products. I get my organic meats there at a great price. Lots of other fun stuff too. Plus, they pay their employees living wages (very important to me). Sam's club is owned by walmart so I would not shop there personally as I don't like they way they treat their employees or who they sponsor (Rush Limball).

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answers from Bloomington on

Love me some Costco! I haven't been much in the past several months because I'm nursing & constantly starving. So, I've been sending my husband to save us some money. I miss that place.

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answers from Austin on

Costco! The house brands many times are just as good or better than the name brands.

My one complaint? They do not open until 10:00 am.. Sometimes that just will not work for me.. It is just too late.

I have purchased furniture, prescription eye glasses, A huge TV.

I have also purchased tickets to events, gift cards to Theaters, restaurants..

I have used the fresh flowers for all sorts of events, no one compares to their roses even my best Floral whole seller. Their Hydrangeas have saved my life so many times.

I compare prices on the produce and they are very competitive.
Their meat department is phenomenal. My only problem is the volume. I have to split a lot of these things since there are only 2 or 3 of us here at a time, But for my business, I could not do without.

The Bakery.. OMG!

One of the local news stations compared prescription prices and Costco blew away EVERY other store and drug store in our area.

The salmon is a mainstay in our family, we grill it at least 2 times a month, many times 3 times.

And I love the check they send me once a year as a rebate, I always use it towards my next year membership renewal.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Walmart/SAMs allows the govt. provide their minimum wage employees with healthcare and food stamps.
Costco pays a living wage.
No brainer.
(We don't being to either right now but if we were looking to join O.? Costco all the way!)

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answers from Denver on

No-brainer. Costco.

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answers from Chicago on

Costco, hands down. We were Sam club members for years, but switched about 6 years go. There is no contest.

I bought my baby room furniture off of Costco website, and I am still thrilled with the purchase, after three babies.

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answers from Washington DC on


Sam's is a Wal-Mart counter-part. While there is some selection there, I find that I have a more consistent product and selection with Costco than Sam's.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Costco...for better selection.

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answers from Houston on

Glad you asked this, they JUST opened a Costco around the corner from us.

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answers from Los Angeles on

My husb & I each have one.
I would have to say I like Costco better:
-like the Kirkland brand
-better selection
-better products

Having said that, I like going to both.
Costco first for all of our basic product must-haves.
Sam's for xmas surprises when family isn't w/me & for a diff selection.

Now for a spin, we used to always go to Costco & drop a lot of money.
Due to the economic downturn, we only buy staples products we need
in bulk @ Costco then we buy our regular groceries at 2 cheaper
discount stores in the area. And we save a ton these days doing it this

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answers from Danville on

Here there is only a 'sam's'.

I keep hoping for a costco!!!

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answers from Norfolk on

We've compared them before and we like Costco.
I like their stuffed salmon, meat dept, baked goods dept better.

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answers from Atlanta on

Hi M.,

Looks like it's unanimous. FYI- there was a documentary on Costco recently on one of the cable networks. The company strives to get the best products at the right price and is VERY picky about what it carries. See if you can find it. Sams is simply a "bulk" Wal-Mart.


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answers from Kansas City on

I prefer Costco. I really like their Kirkland Brand. But, Sam's is much closer for us, so we are members there.



answers from Madison on

I love COSTCO. I went to Sam's Club a few times, but I find that I like the selection at COSTCO better--esp the few organic items they carry, which is about all I buy.



answers from Minneapolis on

We used sams club for pictures historically. And they have a couple things costco doesn't so we ended up having both places. Sams also discounts meat the day after big holidays if you go first thing the next morning.

Now we have only costco- kids a bit older, less pictures and we use walgreens for that need instead.

costco now has self check out - not sure about sams



answers from Orlando on

I like Costco better- the only reason I have a Sams membership is because I get the membership free from my job.



answers from Los Angeles on

We don't have a Sam's Club nearby, but do have several Costcos. I like the product selection. Besides the food, I love the books, clothes, toys around the holidays, movies, etc. I like that the non-food inventory changes seasonally and think their prices beat most non-club stores. The food selection and quality is great too.

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