Salute by Neighbor in a Sarcastic Manner - What Does That Mean?

Updated on July 10, 2011
2.O. asks from Parcel Return Service, DC
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My next door neighbors don't get along with my family based on a misunderstanding that happened a while back.

So I was home the other day waiting for a ride to take me to work since my car wouldn't start (dead battery) & my hubby had already left. I was standing by the window and the blinds were closed but I can peek out the little holes that run along the cord of the blinds so that way I'm not acutally using my finger to pull up the blind and peek out. I just prefer it this way for some reason, I don't know why. My neighbor goes driving by and he slows down, is driving in the gutter vs. the street, and gets in front of my house, & gives this really sarcastic salute. It was so overly exagerated on his part. The weird thing was I didn't even think anyone could see me standing there as the blinds were closed!

My question is what does the salute mean? I know it is some sort of rudeness but is it equal to giving someone the finger?

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So What Happened?

Thanks to you who helped me figured out what that probably meant.

Cheryl: Of course, I"ve tried to clear up the misunderstanding! You have to realize these are very petty people though and they accused us of calling the police on one of their parties when in fact we hadn't. They comfronted us on it and we had no idea what they were talking about since we didnt' even know the police had come out! So I told them that we hadn't called the police on them, knew nothing about it, etc. They didn't beleive us for some reason unknown to me and have been harassing us off and on for years now.

For those who say "who cares?" "move on", etc. I thought that was a bit rude. It's not like I"m dwelling on it. I just never had someone salute me before and didn't get the meaning. Why NOT ask?

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answers from Redding on

He could see you probably thru the blinds.
You probably looked like a guard, spying or watching him, so he gave you an exagerated salute as if to say, "I can see you!"
His version of "Top-o-the -mornin"

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answers from Anchorage on

I think it was just his way of saying he could see you watching.

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answers from Rochester on

Maybe he thought you were staring at him. It all sound rather childish, really...I wouldn't let it bother you. And no, not akin to the finger. The finger is usually given in anger...he's just acting ridiculous.

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answers from Dallas on

Who cares? It's not a big deal. Worrying about it prolongs the pettiness. He probably saw you and was acting like a butthead. It happened, it's done. I wouldn't spend another thought on it!!

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answers from San Francisco on

Why do you care? If you don't get along, you don't get along. Unless someone steps up to be the bigger person and get past the rift you two are having, nothing will change. If you want things to be better, you have to be the bigger person. Don't worry about the gesture....who knows why he did it or what he was implying. Let it go.


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answers from Pittsburgh on

you should stand there like you were and have your dh go outside to where your neighbor was and see if he can see you.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Hmmm....was HE the reason your car wouldn't start?

Maybe he's letting you know that people CAN see you behind the closed blinds? I don't know...weird.

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answers from Reno on

Given your history, it's a petty, childish, way of telling you he can see you staring out through your blinds in a way that he perceives to be as hostile (whether or not you meant that way is not the point...he wouldn't know your motives).

A friend of mine (and her family) has a very poor relationship with her across the street neighbors. The wife of the across the street neighbor spends a lot of time staring at my friend and her family through their shutters with binoculars. My friend finally put up a sign in her front window that read: "The seventh circle of hell is reserved for rude people who spy on their neighbors with binoculars." They stopped spying after that.

Sadly, in my friend's issue, the entire block knows what the problem is: the spies thought they were moving in to a retirement community and live on a block that has six active children (my two and my friend's four). The spies complain about everything from bike riding in the street, to driveway basketball, street football, you name it. They once yelled at the children for a ball that bounced on to their lawn and "bent the grass." [eyes rolling] No one on the block takes them seriously and they are a laughingstock because our kids are actually pretty well behaved and not overly loud. Unlike your neighbor, we still treat the spies politely because it serves no purpose to be as petty as your neighbor.

I'd laugh it off. He's obviously got issues...

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answers from Dover on

Yeah, from how you described the way you were standing peeking out the tiny holes in the blinds trying specifically to be but not be seen, while not intentionally sinister, certainly would come off that way. I wouldn't ever 'salute' someone, because I work for the Air Force so in my book it's not something to be taken lightly or to be used in any way other than what it's intended for, but I'm guessing he was essentially giving you a big 'eff you since you said you'd previously had a falling out.

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answers from Washington DC on

if you aren't willing to clear up the misunderstanding - then do not worry about it...he sounds like a person who can't let go of the past and is doomed to repeat instead of stooping to his level....just ignore him....

your other option? try to fix the misunderstanding...if you can't then oh well....their loss and press on!!

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answers from Los Angeles on

The salute means he's a nutter who needs to get himself a life. Just ignore him, otherwise he will successfully draw you into his wonderful world of nutbags.

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answers from Redding on

It sounds like your neighbor is a lunatic.

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answers from Dallas on

What weird neighbors. I don't know what it means either other than he's being snotty to you.

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