Salt Water Flush - Anyone Done One, or Have Experience with It?

Updated on May 25, 2009
C.S. asks from Mogadore, OH
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I have lost some weight and am enjoying being healthy. We are not quite there yet, but we are making great changes. One thing I have been researching is doing a colon cleaning. A friend of mine does Master Cleanse, but I am not to that level yet. I would like to just do the salt water flush. Has anyone done this? These are my plans - warm 32 oz water to hot tea temp with 2 tsp non-iodized salt and a tbsp of lemon juice from lemon. Try to drink all gone in 45 min to 1 hr. Lay on right side for 1/2 hour then get up and move around, but stay close to a bathroom. I am hoping this will clean me out. Any other suggestions? Does the "cleansing" last all day, or is there a point where it slows? I know you shouldn't eat 8 hours prior and at least 8 hours after drinking the solution and that you should drink laxative tea the night before. Can you drink water the whole day? I am really looking forward to it. I have had terrible eating habits all of my life, until recently and I want to feel clean. I need to get rid of all of the years of fast food and oreos...haha.

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So What Happened?

I found many recipes and the one I used was 2 Tbsp to 32 oz warm water with the juice of one lemon. YUCKY! I almost tossed my cookies, but I was able to get down 12 oz and I gave up. I didn't eat anything, but I did go lay on my side. After about 1/2 hour I popped up and did some stuff around the house. I have a couple cups of plain warm water because I was thirsty and it the salt water mix had made my throat scratchy. After about 1.5 Out came lots of stuff. I was only out of commission for about 1/2 hour and then I was outside with my kids. I feel really good. I am hoping to try it again tomorrow, but with just a little bit of the drink like I did today. I didn't think it was going to be that gross, after all, I couldn't imagine with all of the salty fries and junk food I have eaten that it would taste that bad....oh was I wrong! Thanks for all your tips and advice! (note: weight loss was not achieved, but that wasn't the point of the exercise anyway)

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I hope you are being monitored by a doctor. It sounds like you are going to exremes but I don't know what is wrong with you. Exercise, nutrition and sleep are the key to good health.

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I've never done a salt water flush. when you are ready for some real purifying, Dr Natura is the best. Go to and see some of the testimonials.



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Drinking salt water is extremely harmful and dangerous. Think twice please.



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Hi C.!
I've had a few friends that have done the Master Cleanse and if I can remember correctly, whatever they did included some type of salt water. I know they ended up feeling great afterwards. I haven't been able to get through one day, but my problem is that I'm too busy to dedicate an entire day to the bathroom! I'm very curious if it works for you! I'm even more curious how you & your husband have lost weight?!? My husband & I have been trying so hard for 2 months to get on track and it seems like for every great week we have, we have a 'bad' week to match! Please share your secrets!



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This sounds crazy! I am so intrigued. Please post if you do it & how it works out. My brother's done the Master Cleanse (spicy lemonade drink) from 5-40 days on the pretty regular (annual) basis. Just as much a spiritual thing for him as it is physical. I want to hear how this goes!



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I do this 3-4 times a year. No, for me the cleansing lasts 60-90 minutes. If I get on the treadmill or am active, it doesn't take as long.

I've had clients who did this and it didn't effect them at all. I should also mention that these are clients who've had chemo, etc and have a depressed immune system and build up of toxins in their system. For them, once was not enough. quart of DISTILLED WATER (purest form of water) with 2t SEA SALT (can buy in the store next to the iodized)I NEVER lay around or back down after I've done this. If I do anything sedintary, it's doing devotions or reading while I drink it.

Not everyone has the same experience w/ this. If you've had horrible eating habits, you may want to do it more than once w/ the Master Cleanse. MAKE SURE you get adequate fluids to replace what you lose in the colon cleanse. YES! You DO need to drink water and rehydrate. THIS WORKS!!! I suggest it for clients w/ constipation problems, too.



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C. -

I don't know anything about the salt water flush -- sorry. I am an Independent Consultant with Arbonne International and I use our 7 day Seasource Spa Cleanse. You can eat lightly with this cleanse. I also use our Detox tea. You may want to checkout the website at for more information, or I would be happy to send you more info. and samples of the tea.

Yes, detoxing is very important for our bodies to get rid of unnecessary toxins that build up, but you will want to do a detox that is not harmful to you. Arbonne's products are botanically based, pure, safe, and beneficial.

L. L.


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All I can say is BEWARE OF CLEANSES! I researched this a bit because I'm in the wellness industry, and, let's just say that this is NOT a good healthy wellness practice!
Most of our immune system is in our digestive track, so when we "cleanse" it with a harsh, extreme way like you described (and like most of the cleanses that are being pushed out there) we are not only cleansing the bad stuff from our body, but also depleting the GOOD bacteria that is our immune defense. So they can do the body a huge disfavor.

If you want info on a safe daily cleanse that is effective at getting the toxins out of the body w/o removing the good stuff (in fact, adds probiotics, antioxidants, etc.) I'd be happy to share with you. What I'm talking about also does more than just the digestive system -- it cleanses the blood, lymphatic system, circulatory system, organs, etc, and rids the body of toxins in a safe healthy way.



answers from Fort Wayne on

I could be wrong here, but I really don't think that a colon cleanse is a logical way to lose weight. The most you might lose is perhaps 3 pounds for an average sized person and maybe 7 pounds for an extremely obese person. Colon cleanse is an extremely evasive process for the body to go through, and it's not something that should be done regularly. The chemicals and herbs used may seem like a natural process, but it's very harsh on your system. Those that already have stomach or bowel problems may exacerbate those problems requiring prescriptions or hospitalization. (My ex- had to be hospitalized because he tried to self-medicate a stomach issue and used a colon cleanse.) Additionally, the body normally holds crud in the intestines as part of the digestion process.

A healthier way of doing a colon cleanse is to use vegetables and fruits in a blended combination. It's a lot less abrasive on the system, and you will not experience the diarhea, indigestion, stomach upset and dehydration from a chemical colon cleanse. Here are some links to give you more information on the need for a colon cleanse and natural ways of doing do.



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You have described the same prep I did for a COLONOSCOPY. You may feel clean, but you are really just completely emptying your bowel this way, not losing fat. What the salt does is draw a ton of water from your bowel and body cells, giving you severe diarrhea and very temporay weight loss from water. I think you speak to a registered dietitian or doctor about your weight loss goals so you can work together to do it in a way that will safely, slowly, and permanently take the pounds off!
Good luck! J.

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